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Title: Lascivious Blood
Chapter: 9/?

Author: deadlyscarlet
[ profile] fairy_melusina
Genre: AU/Romance/ Angst/ Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, Sex, Blood Fetish, Smut[in later chapters]
Pairings: Yuu/Kouyou for now
Bands: the GazettE for now maybe
Characters: Kouyou, Yuu, Takanori, Yutaka for now

Synopsis: For Takashima Kouyou who has been forced into studying something he doesn't want to, life is worth not living. 
As days pass he does everything to destroy himself until he meets Shiroyama Yuu. Will Yuu free Kouyou from his miserable life or will only put an end to it.

Like always thanks to my beta [ profile] fairy_melusina who really is an awesome person.

This chapter is dedicated to [ profile] emithealien for being so sweet to me and making me all teary eyed when giving me the biggest appreciation anyone could ever give me.

And also thanks to you too my lovely readers for following my crazy writing and leaving such lovely comments.

Previous: CHAPTER 8



I temporarily looked away from the painting which currently occupied the stand in front of me in order to glance at Takanori, stylishly dressed in a flashy jacket and dark blue trousers, accessorized with a silver studded belt around his waist, entering my studio.

“Hey”, I grinned before turning back to place the finishing touches to the almost completed canvas.

Taka walked inside to come over and stand beside me.

“Another portrait of Shiroyama?” he snorted. “Dude you are obsessed.”

“Fuck off”, I growled crossly. “He is an artist’s perfect model of exquisiteness. Blame him for being so ravishing.”

“Yeah, right!” he rolled his eyes. “With all the Shiroyama’s filling every inch of your room it really feels like walking into a psychotic stalker’s den.”

I grunted in annoyance at his harebrained analogy which was nothing but the reversal of actuality. Yes, there was a psychotic stalker in this very particular room. And ironically, the description only fit the person that inhabited almost every single canvas in the minuscule room.

“Anyway, move your ass”, Taka ordered. “We are leaving.”

“Where to?” I frowned.

“Clothes”, Taka squealed like an excited school girl, rubbing his leather, gloved hands together in enthusiasm.

My best friend, Takanori was a complete fashionholic. When it came to clothes, he became all sparkly eyed, closely followed by the materialization of his alter ego which was nothing but a wild bull on a catastrophic rampage. On entering a mall, he would start running here and there, going through all the clothes displayed in every rack and almost always ended up thoroughly annoying the sales people. Good clothes always made him weak at the knees in happiness. I always maintained a safe distance of at least ten feet away from him whenever he was at his pinnacle of madness as it always resulted in me being converted into one of his pathetically dressed guinea pigs that belonged to a frigging fashion show.

“Go alone”, I snapped.

“Come on, Kou”, Taka whined. “Just look at how you’ve been dressing recently. It makes me wanna throw up seeing u in that shitty zombie skin which you’ve been wearing every single fucking day.”

Like he stated, I had been dressing myself in loose, baggy shirts which hung haphazardly off my slim physique making me look like the so called zombie. But the zombie skin couldn’t be avoided as they helped in obscuring the numerous bandages that lay hidden beneath it.

“I prefer such clothes so honestly leave me alone.”

“If you don’t fucking come, I am going to circulate that humiliating video where you had completely fried your brains with tequila”, he threatened with an evil smirk.

“I told you to delete that shit”, I shrieked in horror.

“Like I would erase my golden treasure”, he leered waving his phone at a safe distance away from my reach. “Now move. Don’t try to escape or the first person who gets to see this amazing masterpiece will be lucky Shiroyama.”

“Fine, you win this time you fucking midget”, I grumbled with rising temper. “Next time, I am gonna break that fucking, glittery toy of yours just you wait.”

I set the palette down and in resigned defeat slowly got off my seat. When I took a step forward, I staggered and almost fell over before Taka caught me by my waist and steadied my body. My head was spinning in spinning in circles as the bile shot up and a sudden dizziness took over me.

“Watch it”, Taka said with a worried tone to his voice as he helped onto the stool which I had gotten off from before.  “What’s wrong, Kou?”

“Nothing”, I smiled trying to shrug off the unpleasant incident.

He immediately held my wrist between his thumb and index finger and inspected my pulse. Before he could bring his other hand to my face in order to check my temperature, I slapped his hands off me.

“I told you I am fine”, I pouted.

“You don’t look alright to me”, he looked with an eyebrow raised in suspicion. “You look like shit and not to mention pale. Are you still not sleeping properly?”

“Look I am fine. I haven’t had insomnia for a month now. I am kinda tired that is all.”

“OOOOH, tired?” a wicked grin slowly spread through his cute features as he laughed out loud in amused mockery. “Has Shiroyama been tiring you out so badly that you can’t stand your ass straight?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about”, I clenched my teeth as I aimed a death glare at him.

“Oh, PLEEEEEEEEEASE”, he stretched each and every syllable leisurely at his pace which continued to provoke me even further. “Don’t give me that nothing shit. “I’ve seen the way you both are at it in the class, fucking each other with your eyes. I am sure if there wasn’t a class of students in between then you both would already be stark naked. So spit it out.”

“Yeah, fucking each other with our eyes”, I released a humorless laugh. “Explains why we haven’t even kissed.”

I regretted the moment, the words slipped from my mouth unconsciously.

A month has elapsed since Yuu and I entered into a relationship which for now we called love. We met each other almost every single day and have so far successfully managed to keep our relationship a secret from everyone else except for Takanori. When Yuu had first forced me into being his lover, I clearly remembered his firm promise, that in return for drinking my blood that he has been hunting down for a century, he would let me have my way with him. But except for cutting my body open at every single opportunity that he skillfully created for himself, nothing really happened between the two of us. He ruthlessly drained me off my blood and then skillfully dressed up the wounds he had inflicted with his collection of scalpels. Occasionally, he would turn into a caring, considerate boy friend and knowing my passion for art, would take me to places related to it. He even once promised to take me on a trip to Rome in order to visit all the places notably famous for its history of art.

At first, I had followed him like an excited puppy dog to wherever he took me as I had never been to places related to art. My parents never allowed me to waste time on such idiosyncrasies as they liked to call it and I had no one among my friends to share my passion. I felt grateful towards him for making an effort in order to make me happy. But as days passed it became very tiring the reason being that except for blood drinking there was nothing intimate going on between the two of us. Even when I took it in my own hands and tried making advances, he pretended as if nothing had happened and always kept a safe distance from me, escaping dexterously even before I so much as laid a finger on him. Silent agony ripped through my emotions and body as he rejected my advances towards him. He was starting to piss me off big time, making me wonder if he had asked me to be his lover only so that I would allow him to drink my blood without putting up a struggle unlike his other helpless victims.

“What? You guys haven’t even reached first base? LAME”, Taka jeered making me throw the paintbrush which I held in my hands hitting him squarely on his stupid face.

“Your late”, Yuu’s tranquil voice reached my ears as I let myself into his cabin.

“Sorry, that fucking lab assistant screwed me big time for ruining the hundredth cadaver”, I grinned sheepishly.

“You know what to do”, he said without looking up from his files on the desk.

Sighing, I walked over to the single bed which always held me captive on my every visit to his cabin, while Yuu remorselessly carried out his ruthless deed. I undressed my upper body and climbed on top of the white mattress and stretched myself in order to lie on my back. I obediently wore the eye mask placed on the bed side table which he insisted on me wearing every time he cut me open. I lay there silently waiting as my heart pounded out loud due to the fear I was poor at suppressing. After what felt like ages, I heard Yuu’s footsteps that started getting louder and louder as he came to sit by my bedside.

Soon, the room was filled Yuu’s moans mixed along with my own that echoed off the dull walls. I squirmed with pleasure as he lapped up the blood from the wounds that he was sure to have inflicted on me. Due to the needles, I didn’t feel any of the pain that the inflicted wounds should have induced. But it didn’t help in extinguishing the terror that threw my body into shudders as I felt my own blood flow freely on my abdomen. There was nothing I could do to stop him, so I patiently waited for him to finish.

“Yuu”, I moaned.


“Why are you butchering my body like this?” I asked. “Why not just use your fangs?”

As soon as the words left my mouth I felt a sharp jab on my hip, making me yelp out loud in pain.

“Don’t question me, love”, he growled as he continued licking my blood. “I do as I please.”

I refrained myself from opening my mouth again after that.

After what felt like hours, Yuu helped me off the bed where I had been lying down earlier. I staggered into a sitting position as he pulled on his gloves in order to follow the procedure of dressing up my wounds.

“So are you taking me out?” I asked as he concentrated on cleaning my wounds.

“Yeah!” he said without looking up from my abused stomach. “I haven’t thought of where though. I will try coming up with something on the way.”


After he was done, he went away to put back his tools as I climbed down from the bed. I could already feel the wave of weakness and exhaustion washing all over me as I pulled on the shirt I had discarded earlier. After Yuu finally completed what he had been working on earlier before I had arrived we both got ready to leave. Suddenly a really harassed looking nurse came running in our direction as we started heading out in the direction of the Psychiatry Department’s exit.

“Shiroyama sensei”, she said. “Yoshimura san has had a relapse and we are unable to handle him.”

 “Yoshimura?” Yuu frowned. “But he isn’t one of my patients.”

“He is one of Onodera sensei’s cases”, she said shaking her head in frustration. “He left earlier as it was his day off. But now we are unable to reach him. The Head has requested that you take over.”

“Fine go ahead first and get the case details ready”, Yuu said releasing an irritated sigh.

The nurse immediately galloped to fulfill what Yuu had ordered her to.

“Baby..”, he started as he turned to face me.

“I will wait in the parking lot”, I said turning away from him.

“Kouyou, I don’t think I will be done soon”, he sighed.

“You are not getting off that easily after drinking all my blood, Dude”, I said as I faked an angry tone. “Besides I have nothing else to do so I am waiting.”

“Such stubbornness”, he laughed as he cupped my face in his palms and pecked me on my cheek. “Okay, baby I will try to make it quick.”

 I sat in one of the benches in the empty parking lot idly waiting for Yuu. I drank from the carton of apple juice which I had gotten earlier from the vending machine to relieve myself off at least a part of the exhaustion that accompanied the immense blood loss. The sun was starting to set and the sky slowly darkened marking the beginning of dusk. A few minutes later, I started dozing off due to the weakness my body couldn’t avoid feeling.

“You must be Kouyou”, I jumped from my trance on hearing the bewitching voice that materialized out of nowhere.

My eyes captured a lone figure with dark, brown stylized hair standing at the far corner of the parking lot clad in fancy, designer clothes making him look like someone who had stepped out of a fashion show. From where I was seated, I could see the intruder was really charming, with pale skin and a perfectly toned figure. As I stared in confusion at the attractive stranger, he suddenly materialized in front of me like he had popped out of thin air.  There was only one person whom I knew, capable of conjuring up that demonic trick apart from the new comer. So instinctively, I opened my mouth in order to scream for help. But the intruder was too fast and the next moment I found his hand clamped against my mouth muffling my voice.

“Calm down”, he whispered sweetly. “I give you my word not to harm you. I will let you go now. You won’t scream, right?”

I shook my head in silent agreement.

“Who are you?” I asked the moment he released his hand on my mouth.

“Uke Yutaka”, he held his hand out as he smiled a wide toothy smile. Cute dimples formed, denting his pale, bloodless cheeks making him look really amicable and courteous. I could actually feel a bit of my fear diminishing as I bravely moved forward in order to take his offered hand. “I am one of Yuu’s acquaintances.”

“One of Yuu’s friends?” I asked my eyes widening in alarm as he confirmed my suspicions, the fear which had been diminishing earlier returned back fully fledged. “Are you also..”

“Yes, I am a vampire”, he said without letting me finish. “I was the one who made Yuu the way he is now.”

I hesitantly took a few steps backward from where I had been standing. Uke seemed friendly but it didn’t change the fact that he was a vampire and on top of that Yuu’s creator too. Fearing my own safety, I reflexively started looking for an opening in order to run away as fast as I could.

“Hey don’t look so scared”, he chuckled. “I promised didn’t I? I won’t harm you, Kou chan.”

I couldn’t but help letting my mouth drop open at the suffix he was attaching to my name. I just met the guy two minutes back and he was already giving me a nick name. I wondered if I should really trust him or run off to Yuu who was still in the campus.

“Really?” I asked suspiciously. “Can I really trust the word of a vampire?”

“Yes, I am here only to talk to you”, he smiled again sweetly.

 I couldn’t resist smiling back at the gentle display of dimples on his pale, charming face. Like Yuu, this vampire seemed to possess the ethereal beauty that came along with their species. Yuu was one of a kind, fiercely beautiful yet with a slightly colder tone to his features which made him look exactly like the animal he was. But Uke on the other hand looked very gentle with none of the predatory look on his cute face that Yuu had. If Uke hadn’t displayed his vampiric abilities earlier, then it would have been very difficult to recognize his true nature.

“Yuu was right about you”, he sniggered. His laugh sounded enthralling with a rich, deep tenor to it. “The smell of your blood really is irresistible.”

I flinched as I started perspiring slightly on hearing the comment about my blood. I couldn’t help backing off from him again.

“Really now, Kou chan”, he giggled. “Have some trust will you. I really am not going to take a bite out off you. Besides Yuu would murder me if I so much as lay a scratch on you.”

“Fine”, I sighed. “I, um trust you.”

I remained silent for a while before attacking him with my flood of inquisitive questions.

“So um, Uke san…”

“Call me Yutaka”, he said breaking me off with a wave of his hand.

“Um okay, Yutaka san”, I smiled. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

“Yes”, he said clapping his hands together. “But more than talking, I was more curious to know what sort of a person you were.”


“Well truth is Yuu seems to have changed a lot ever since he met you that I couldn’t help being nosy about what was making him like you so much”, he said with a wide grin.

This guy never seemed to restrain himself from smiling like an idiot. But I wasn’t complaining since the smiling was helping me to put the knowledge of his true, intimidating nature behind the back of my head and converse with him freely like we had been friends for ages.

“I don’t think he likes me Yutaka san”, I said sadly in a small voice. “Yuu wants me only for my blood.”

Yutaka patted the back of my shoulders gently.

“Do you want to know how I encountered Yuu before I changed him?” he asked suddenly out of the blue which immediately lightenend up my gloomy mood.

“Eh?” I gasped. “You will tell me?”

“Of course”, he flashed his trademark, dimpley smile. “Since its Kou chan, I don’t mind. Come let’s sit over there.”

We both sat down on the park bench I had been sitting earlier before Yutaka’s appearance. Facing the wide, almost empty parking lot in front of us he got ready to narrate the interesting incidents of the past while I held my breath bubbling in excitement, feeling immense happiness on the prospect of learning more about Yuu.

Next: CHAPTER 10

A/N: I am sorry. Please forgive me. I promised to add a development in the last chapter and like I promised I did write the outline in such a way in order to add the development which I had planned with so much difficulty. But the outline drastically changed because it was so shitty. Trust me as I kept writing the chapter out of the outline I had originally planned it made me get really depressed and I badly wanted to quit writing. But luckily I got inspired with some interesting stuff. But now the development will take place only in Chapter 11. I am so sorry, I really feel like a bitch for promising and now betraying you all. Please forgive me this once. I swear the development is worth waiting for. Besides Chapter 10 is already half complete and since I have lots of free time I swear to post ASAP.

And I am sorry this chapter is very short. The next chapter is big with too many events taking place and it definitely wont fit this chapter that's why I had to split it. Besides one of the readers requested for an update LOL so please put up with me just this once.        m(_ _)m

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