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Today I got to play the guitar for the first time. Let me tell you this, it is one of the most heavenly instruments ever. Never have I felt so much love before. Even when I was playing the keyboard I never felt this bliss which is weird as I have always been obsessed with pianos from the time I was a child. 

It felt so good. I had this satisfying tingle in my fingers when I played with each string. I did a lot of mistakes, playing the wrong string or accidentally hitting two strings at the same time, but I didn't care since in the end I managed to do it anyway. I felt so much happiness. I felt like a child receiving a delicious candy. 

Now I understand why I love and worship Aoi sama so much. I am so happy he made me love the guitar. I never did like the instrument before. But when I saw this man playing his amazing instruments with those lithe fingers of his and making love to it in front of millions fans, I couldn't help falling for this beautiful instrument myself. I am gonna try my best to learn to play this beauty I adore so much, Its about time I force my father to let me join guitar classes. I am definitely going to be in cloud nine pretty soon (^_^)

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