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Title: Lascivious Blood
Chapter: 8/?

Author: [ profile] deadlyscarlet
[ profile] fairy_melusina
Genre: AU/Romance/ Angst/ Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, Sex, Blood Fetish, Smut[in later chapters]
Pairings: Yuu/Kouyou for now
Bands: the GazettE for now maybe
Characters: Kouyou, Yuu, Takanori, Yutaka for now

Synopsis: For Takashima Kouyou who has been forced into studying something he doesn't want to, life is worth not living. 
As days pass he does everything to destroy himself until he meets Shiroyama Yuu. Will Yuu free Kouyou from his miserable life or will only put an end to it.

As always I thank my lovely beta since this story has been possible only through her. I will always be grateful to her for bringing out the dormant author within me ^-^. Just so you guys know, she was the one who introduced me to the pleasures of fanfiction ^__^

And also thanks to all of you who are so patient with me and read my story. It brings tears to my eyes when I hear all those kind words from all of you. Please do take good care of me in the future too. m(_ _)m

Previous: CHAPTER 7


When the door to my cabin opened, Kouyou’s succulent aroma reached my nostrils even before the boy himself stepped inside. I looked up from my seat behind the desk as the frail mortal, walked in nervously clasping and unclasping his hands. He looked embarrassed, a light pink blush tinting his cheeks. Standing up from my chair I walked to the door from which Kouyou had previously entered. I closed it and locked the room with the key that I placed securely back in to my coat pocket. I moved over to my delectable prey and stood behind him. He flinched when I buried my nose into his thick, brown hair breathing in the sweet fragrance that emitted off the strands.

“Um sensei”, he whispered timidly.

“Call me Yuu”, I moaned hugging him from behind and pulling his warm body to my own frigid one.

“Y-Yuu”, he stammered as he held my arms with quivering fingers. I chuckled as I felt his heat against my cheek.

“Why are you nervous?” I asked biting his ear lobe which made him jump.

“I-I”, he broke into more fervent stammers making blithe laughter erupt within me.

Placing wet kisses to the skin on his neck where the collar of his light blue, button down shirt failed to hide, I languidly removed the buttons one by one.

“Sensei”, he cringed slightly as he felt my digits that travelled across his shirt.

“Name”, I growled as I sucked at the skin beneath my lips.

“Yuu”, he whispered. “What are you doing?”

“Undressing you.”

“No, I mean we are in college”, he shuddered as I ran my fingers on his bare chest letting my nails graze against his pink nipples. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Relax baby”, I trilled. “I’ve got it under control. No one is going to be walking in on us.”

Pressing a swift kiss to his flushed cheek, I pulled away my arms that were encircling his body and let his shirt fall to the white tiled floor with a gentle rustle. At the far corner of the room there was a single bed hidden behind a translucent, white screen door on which I normally inspected my patients. I seated myself on the single chair beside the bed and crossed my legs.

“Come here”, I patted the bed.

Kouyou gulped and slowly made his way in my direction to the bed. Giving me an agitated glance, he sat uncomfortably at the edge of the white mattress.

“Lie down”, I ordered softly.

He gave me a look of pure dread before obeying and climbing into the bed. I chortled as I felt the pulse of terror bouncing off him. He laid his head on the soft white pillow and turned his face to look at me, anticipating the next action about to materialize.

Ruffling his hair once, I pulled a mobile table which held various metal trays towards my side. Kouyou’s eyes widened in fear as the cinnamon colored orbs took in the various acupuncture needles and scalpels the metal trays bore.

“Yuu”, he whimpered.

“Shh”, I pressed my index finger to his pouty, pink lips. “Trust me, sweet heart. You have my word that you won’t feel any pain.”

Kouyou gave me a long skeptical look as I gave him a confident smile. Finally admitting solemn defeat, he swallowed hard before turning to face the ceiling above him. I picked up a needle from the tray while I brought my other hand to rest on his naked stomach. He squirmed under my ice, cold appendages as I stroked the exposed skin. With perfected skill, I inserted the long needle superficially into his tissue. Kouyou yelped as he felt the tiny prick on his flesh.

“What the”, he gasped.

“Breath easy, babe”, I grinned. “Just so you know this is an important pressure point. Dig a needle into it and your body numbs. Now we won’t have to use any of those worthless chemicals called anesthetics.”

I removed a second needle from the tray and inserted again this time into a different pressure point from the previous one.

“And this baby here will ensure that no ugly scars are left behind on your beautiful body. This is one of my own discoveries, so you can trust me.”

Kouyou’s eye balls followed my hand as it moved to the metal tray once more, this time to remove a thin, keen-edged scalpel. His eyes nearly popped out when he finally realized what I was planning to do. He lurched forward and tried to jump off the bed. I placed a hand firmly to his fragile chest, pushed him and forced him to lie back down onto the mattress.

“Stay still”, I growled. “Move again and I will force you into a straitjacket. You want that?”

He shook his head timidly as he clutched his hands into trembling fists.

“Don’t you dare think of getting up again”, I threatened giving him a admonitory look before getting off the stool to rummage through one of the tall cabinets in the far end of the cabin that contained medical supplies. I made the decision to show him a tiny bit of kindness and forced an eye mask on him, which I had removed from the cupboard, completely blocking his vision.

I resumed my position by the bed and grabbed the scalpel. With meticulous proficiency, I made a tiny incision on Kouyou’s abdomen enough to draw a tiny stream of blood. He whined when he felt the thick liquid gushing on his skin.

“Yuu”, he cried. “What the fuck is that wet thing on my stomach?”

He moved his hand upward to remove the eye mask. I immediately grabbed his hands and pinned them to his sides. In order to make sure that he never moved his hands again, I strapped him to the bed with the restraints that were attached in order to hold down violent patients.

“Shit, no”, he whined miserably in a tiny voice.

Without wasting anymore precious time, I swooped down on to the profusely bleeding cut and licked the delectable, red liquid. White spots appeared in my vision as I felt the immense pleasure that exploded my senses, a pyrotechnic display which would never reach die out. I parsimoniously lapped up the nectarous elixir, releasing insuppressable moans as it mixed with the venom in the cold contours of my mouth. I could feel my pants tightening as I drowned in the immeasurable zest.

“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” Kouyou screamed as he moaned along with me when he felt my tongue swirl around in circles licking every drop of blood that oozed out of the cut. The needle made sure that he wouldn’t feel pain but the blindfold seemed to heighten his senses towards the pleasure my tongue seemed to be causing to his sensitive skin.

I made four more incisions, letting a small rivulet of fresh blood flow out of each cut debauching his entire abdomen. I drank up everything without any repression. Never once in my long, extended life had I ever experienced something as inexplicable as this. Even the blood sample from the research lab couldn’t match up to the ethereal flavor of Kouyou’s blood. As time passed the incisions slowly but surely started to clot, preventing the blood to phlebotomize any further. I was tempted to make more incisions since I wasn’t completely sated. But making the boy bleed any further would prove fatal. I half heartedly relinquished my hold on him and unclasped the straps. I brought my fingers to my mouth to wipe and lick at the stray blood that clung to my skin, delving into the heavenly moment a little more.

Kouyou immediately removed the eye mask and stared down at his abused stomach.

“What the fuck?” he shrieked. “Who gave you permission to make all these cuts on me?”

“Did you forget the promise you made in your bedroom, darling?” I smirked as I continued sucking my digits.

“Have you lost your mind?” he scowled. “You used me like a fucking pin cushion.”

“Calm the fuck down”, I sneered. “Stop being such a pussy. They are just cuts.”

“Easy for you to say, dumbass. That was my body being fucking cut open”, he snapped. “Anyway when will these damn things heal?”

After removing the acupuncture needles that I had stuck into his skin, I temporarily left Kouyou on the bed to get a box filled with gauze and gloves. Pulling on the sterile gloves, I dipped a small roll of gauze into the Betadine solution in order to clean the cuts I had made. After carefully removing all the lingering blood stains, I tossed the roll into the waste bin. I dipped another roll of gauze in Saline solution this time and followed the same procedure of circling the gauze around his wounds. I had to make sure that none of the traces of my venom, which I had splattered all over his skin while licking his blood, were carelessly left behind. After the wounds had been completely cleaned, I started dressing his stomach with a neat white gauze wrapping.

“In a few days”, I said as I firmly plastered the bandage. “That second needle will ensure that the cuts won’t leave any scarring. But then I will be opening up more cuts pretty soon anyway.”

Kouyou gave me a death glare in return to the wicked leer that currently shaped my features. After making sure the bandage was firmly set, I helped Kouyou off the bed. He staggered slightly due to the immense loss of blood.

“So what are you planning to do next?” I asked just to have some sort of conversation while he picked his abandoned shirt off the floor.

“Home probably”, Kouyou muttered grimly.

I looked at him intently as he buttoned up his shirt. Kouyou really was just another one of my trinkets towards which I never bothered to waste any of my emotions on. Maybe special from the other knickknacks since he possessed the blood I was so passionately addicted to. That didn’t make any difference either way since in the end I will be throwing him away after draining him to the very last drop of his mouthwatering blood. But for all the pleasure that I had never experienced in my immensely prolonged life I felt I had to do something in return at least in order to humor him as long as I kept him alive. An idea struck in my head as Kouyou turned around waiting for me to unlock the door to my cabin.

“Let’s go on a date”, I said simply.

“You mean now?” he asked incredulously.

“Yes”, I answered. “There’s a place I have in mind.”

“Don’t tell me you just want to cut me up more in some place private”, he sneered.

“That sounds really tempting baby”, I laughed. “But no. The place I am gonna take you has got nothing to do with blood drinking. So you coming?”

“Fine. But first can I leave my bike back home. It’s been stuck in here way too long.”



“So where are you taking me?” I asked the umpteenth time. My head resting against the head rest of the passenger’s seat in Yuu’s Porsche.

He sniggered without bothering to answer.

I rolled my eyes at his stubbornness. I still felt dizzy from all the blood I had lost due to the wounds Yuu had so sadistically inflicted on me. But he had at least been truthful about the part not feeling any pain. I turned my head to the side to look at his beautiful face which was currently concentrating on the road in front of us.

“Doesn’t sunlight harm you?” I asked trying to converse something with him.

He raised an eyebrow suspiciously as he caught on to my curiosity.

“I have seen this lame shit called Dracula”, I grinned sheepishly. “I watched it to humor one of my friends back in high school.”

Yuu let out an amused laugh at my candor.

“That prick used to hide in coffins from dawn to dusk right?” I continued. “Is it the same with you guys too?”

“That’s actually one of the very few facts that mortals got right about us”, Yuu replied.

“But you don’t seem to be exactly hiding from the sunlight, right?”

“If I had loitered about in the sun before then yes I would be nothing but a useless pile of ashes.”

Yuu took a right before continuing the morbid monologue.

“Few years back, I invented a serum. Inject it into an immortal’s blood stream; a transparent second skin sheathes the entire body completely barricading the sunlight.”

“Oh! Like a sunscreen lotion”

“Pffft!”, he burst out laughing on hearing my stupid analogy. “Something like that I guess. So sunlight isn’t lethal to our kind anymore.”

I blushed embarrassed and turned my eyes to the windshield. Yuu was a complete mystery. He had too many secrets that he egoistically safe guarded with his silence. He never disclosed anything until he felt like doing so. The memory of him refusing to reveal the truth when I had innocently asked him about vampire destruction methods remained fresh in my mind. Also besides being a doctor he seemed to be some sort of an inventor too. I longed to know everything about him, wanting to see through his soul. Closing my eyes, I let the slowly building exhaustion to overcome my body.

“We are here, sweet heart”, Yuu’s tranquil voice shook me awake.

My eyes flew open, glaring at Yuu for disturbing my catnap. My tired eyes turned to the front in order to figure out where exactly he had brought me. My hazy eyes slowly registered a modern, grey building which stood tall and proud on a white cemented platform. The huge sign board read NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WESTERN ART. Yuu opened the door on his side and stepped out. He walked around the car and held the door wide open for me. I stumbled out and watched in awe at the building.

“Let’s go”, Yuu caught hold of my upper arm and led me towards the awe-inspiring building.

I never expected that Yuu would bring me to here of all places. I had read many articles about this museum which housed about 4500 works of amazing paintings and sculptures. All these outstanding works belonged to the time period ranging from the 14th to the 20th century. The museum was one of the premier, public art galleries of Japan specializing in western art. The exhibits were supposed to range from the Renaissance era to the current trend. Also they held special exhibitions from time to time where famous art pieces from various museums from different parts of the world were shipped in order to make it convenient for the natives to view them from their own homeland.

Purchasing a catalogue from the museum’s souvenir shop, Yuu and I first entered the main building. The display on the walls held paintings from the 18th century, created by famous artists like Velonese, Rubens and Fragonard. Many of them were mostly religious paintings characterizing the early eras of Christianity. Pieces of art portraying  Jesus Christ, his life, death and afterlife were the most prominent ones in this building. The fatigue that I had felt earlier was completely forgotten as I drank in the immense beauty that every masterpiece comprised. Yuu patiently walked beside me as I ran about like an excited child from one exhibit to another. I felt that two eyes weren’t enough for me to look at every single exhibit the building contained.

After I was done with the main building, we both moved on to the new wing. This addendum held paintings from the 19th to the early 20th century. They were mostly French paintings which included the works of Delacroix, Courbet, Monet, Gaughlin and many others. The galleries also featured works by the next generation artists like Marquet, Picasso, Miro, Duffet and Pollock. Since it was nearing closing time, Yuu and I were almost the only ones left in the museum. I stood in front of the painting labelled Le Printemps[Daphnis et Chloé] created by the French artist Jean-François Millet. The painting depicted two young, naked lovers seated on luscious, green grass with a single goat by their side. The young girl Chloe was serving a frugal meal on a wooden cup which the boy Daphnis held in his hand.

I smiled at the pubescent children with an inexhaustible sadness that welled up within me. According to the small note below the display window, the teenagers had been abandoned as infants by their parents and were found and taken care of by a goat herd. Memories of my own parents’ heedlessness flashed through my thoughts. I bit my lips in order to stifle the tears that were threatening to fall out my eyes.

I felt Yuu’s arm around my shoulder pulling me in order  to make me stand closer to his frigid body. Since there was no presence of anybody within a few yards from where we both were currently standing, I allowed myself to wrap my arms around Yuu’s lithe waist.

I buried my face into his strong, sweet smelling chest allowing a satisfied sigh to escape my lips. He returned my embrace and held me close.

“So you like it here, baby?” he inquired.

“What made you bring me here, Yuu?” I questioned him in return.

“I know you paint and I have to admit you have talent”, he laughed rubbing my nose against his. “So I thought of giving you a treat since you are so sweet to me and letting me drink your blood.”

I couldn’t help releasing a silly giggle, which started building within me raking my entire body into a hysterical fit of laughter.

“Is blood all that you can ever think about?” I laughed as I wiped the tears off my eyes.

“I wouldn’t be a vampire if I didn’t.”

“Thank you, Yuu”, I smiled turning up to look at his face. “I think this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done to me. I have never been to an art museum in my life before just so you know.”

“Strange”, he frowned. “Something about you has been bugging me a lot.”

He held me at arms length to look at my face.

“You love to paint and that tiny room full of your masterpieces is proof enough for that”, he said looking at me confused. “Yet you join Med School even though you don’t seem to be exactly into being a doctor. Why do something you absolutely hate?”

I looked at him as he awaited my answer. Wild, untamed anguish ripped through me as I fought back the tears that threatened to fall with fresh vigor. Yuu’s intuitive questions triggered my past, memories of the terrible ordeal I had gone through all my life flashed through my mind. My parents’ cruel purpose of bringing me into the world just in order to have a pawn to fulfill their self-centered ambitions, the stamping down of my ardent desire to be an artist and them not showing a single bit of affection towards me and treating me like an unwanted waste of space. Every reminiscence of my tragic past flooded through my thoughts one by one, ripping through my fragile embodiment. At that moment I just wanted to hold Yuu close and cry my eyes out spilling every bit of truth that he wasn’t aware of. As he continued to survey me, I moved forward and encircled myself once more in between his lithe arms, embracing him fiercely with every bit of strength I had within me.

“That’s something my predator doesn’t have to know”, I sighed as I finally let the exhaustion I had completely forgotten about take over me.


A/N: So here you go the promised second half so I guess you all could throw away all the lovely guns and chainsaws. you had ready to use it on me :P . I am sorry I waited for 2 days to post but there were a lot of corrections and it has to be perfect right ^^. Also I kinda feel guilty to make you all starve. So next chapter you can expect a developement. So keep your fingers crossed XD I wil try to update ASAP and hurray!!! my exams are getting over soon
*dances in happiness*

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Aw thank you the museum description was something I had do with wat i read abt it online maybe if i had personally gone to the place i cud hav done it better

Despite their differences they give of this aura of belonging together. I love wat u have said here..its true..Yuu can keep saying he is after Kouyou's blood and Kouyou is insecure abt his feelings..but they really r souls destined to be together..wel lets c how this develops ^^

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wow i m so touched to see u guys reserving spots in my fic..i feel so honored..

i thot Yuu shud b nice after cuttin up Kou like i thot of the museum scene..i m so glad tat u find it cute ^^

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thank u sweet heart..i will try my best ^_^

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Aww! So Yuu does have a bit of a soft side? :3 I think it's adorable that he took Kouyou to an art museum. Kou definitely deserved a treat after being cut up like that. <3
I'm curious to see what this development is you've promised. :) Can't wait for the next update!

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Wow yes he is so ruthless but yet Yuu is sweet taking Kouyou to a place tat will make him happy..and yes poor Kou chan he definitely deserves the treat :D

Oh yes ur curiousness will be satisfied in the next chapter :)

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Update soon phewwwease!!!!

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Actually this was supposed to be a part of chapter 7 but i split it as 2 chapters as it was too long ^-^

i know right..even when i was writing tat i broke into cold sweat *shudders*

Ya he was so cute and brave When i donated my blood i was like NOOOOOOOOOO MY BLOOD XD

sure i will update soon ^^ thank u for commenting darling it means a lot

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Is it bad I liked the medical play? Well, I'm assuming that's what it was since it was all scalpel-cutting and everything. I admit I'm a sadist, so that was awesome and I liked it. XD

It was cute how Yuu asked him on a date. It was out of nowhere and I squealed like a little girl, lol. It was adorable how he took Kou to to the art museum. He was very nonchalant about it, but it was sweet all the same. Lovely chapters, sweetie!! I'm gonna reply to your inbox messages now. Sorry for taking so long! x

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If u are a sadist for reading it then i m a sadist for writing it LOL..i m glad u liked it..i had to do some research but the pressure point stuff was my imagination.numbing maybe exists but a pressure point for scaring i dont think so :P

Aw i m so happy u liked him asking Kou on a date..well i was wondering if i shud add tat and the dialogue was a lot of trouble bt since u loved it i m happy ^^

U r right if my vampire bf takes me to a place i love Maybe a GazettE concert XD i wud b all over him ^__^

but i felt the art museum wud make an artist like Kouyou happy so i m happy u liked tat ^^

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so sad...

so heartbreaking...

I feel so sad for Kouyou because he liked Yuu and he was just contented with the knowledge that Yuu only likes him for his blood. The thought that he was okay with that was just... *sniffs* Just, why? T___________T

I also love how you inserted a lot of details in this chapter. I've never really been to art museums so I loved reading those details and info.^^

Such a quick update... I'm so glad and so excited to read more. :D

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Aw i m so happy readin ur comment..i kinda feel like crying myself..thank u now i feel contented..good comments like these always makes me wanna write more *hugs u*

Dont worry sweet heart..i m sure Yuu will return Kou's love..i m definitely gonna make him do tat^^

and the museum details i found it in a website and wrote it in my own words..Veroxion has been giving me a lot of training for adding details..she is the beta reader for a new fic of i think the compliment goes to her ^__^

this was originally a part of chapter 7..but i thot of splitting it since it was too long..thank u once again for commenting i will make the update ASAP u BB
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Aw thank u sweet heart...i can understand y u feel sorry for Kouyou even i was hurt while writing tat part...

And i m so happy to c tat u like this fic and plz dont apologize i m happy with every single comment i get whether it is late or early..u commented and tats wat matters ^__^

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Its an interesting story ;O its different from the other stories i have read and i hope Yuu wont be completely heartless xP

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Thank u for reading and commenting..i don't mind u commenting only on the last chapter u commented and tats wat matters :D

Aw i m glad u find it different XD this is the very first time I am writing something ^-^

And yes I hope Yuu changes a bit..thank u once again for reading my story ^^

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I also love how you put the pictures of the characters in it whenever you show their pov.

I only miss Reita a little xD

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Aw i m glad u like tat..its just tat i m a picture fanatic LOL

Reita will appear bt it will take time since he is a very important turning point to the story ^^

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Aha same here xD I use pictures in my fic too


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