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Title: Lascivious Blood
Chapter: 7/?
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Genre: AU/Romance/ Angst/ Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, Sex, Blood Fetish, Smut[in later chapters]
Pairings: Yuu/Kouyou for now
Bands: the GazettE for now maybe
Characters: Kouyou, Yuu, Takanori, Yutaka for now

Synopsis: For Takashima Kouyou who has been forced into studying something he doesn't want to, life is worth not living. 
As days pass he does everything to destroy himself until he meets Shiroyama Yuu. Will Yuu free Kouyou from his miserable life or will only put an end to it.

As usual thanks to my lovely beta who has been so nice to me by reading what ever I send her immediately and has always been encouraging me very kindly (^-^)

Previous: CHAPTER 6


I woke up from the deepest of torpors I had ever had in a very long time. Blinding sunlight flooded into my room through an open window making me shield my eyes with the back of my palm. The bed covers were twisted haphazardly around me in a terrible mess. It felt like waking up with a terrible hangover except that there was no accompanying headache. As I moved my other arm to mop away the unruly hair falling on to my eyes, I felt something tickle my forehead. I removed the hand blocking my vision to inspect what was causing the alien sensation. The area which I had cut open in order to feed Shiroyama was neatly dressed with a white gauze bandage. I immediately lurched out of bed, my eyes searching the room in hopes of finding him still lurking somewhere inside.

“Sensei”, I called. No answer.

Disappointed, I fell back onto the bed and released a deep sigh. I looked at the bandaged wrist one more time before smiling and resting it on my chest. I brought my other arm around and wrapped it in a silent embrace. True Shiroyama was a vampire, ruthless, cruel and evil with a twisted mind. I was very much aware of the fact that he stayed by my side only for my blood which he was so madly obsessed with. In the end after he was done with me he would only leave me broken beyond repair. But the simple gesture of bandaging my wound made me so happy and elated that I started missing him even though he had been with me in this room just last night.

“Why couldn’t you have stayed?” I thought as I pouted.

The flutter of paper made me turn my head to the direction of the sound. The box cutter with which I had torn my wrist open lay on the bedside cabinet trapping a small piece of paper beneath it. I reached over and picked up the tiny sheet. Words written with a stylish, elegant hand were inscribed across it in black ink.

We will continue our little tryst on Monday, Beautiful


I could feel the heat spreading in my cheeks as I got wiped off my feet by the impact of emotions which only Shiroyama was capable of evoking within me. Feelings which I had deemed impossible and non-existent until the day I had encountered him. I knew nothing of what they were trying to tell me. I really had no clue.

I placed the tiny note carefully into one of the drawers and climbed off my bed. Before going downstairs for breakfast, I took a long, hot water bath completely relaxing myself in the soothing flow against my body. By the time I reached downstairs, it was already evident that the house was devoid of my parents’ presence. I was too happy to miss them at the moment. I walked into the kitchen to fetch myself a bowl of cereal and some fresh orange juice.

Finishing up the non-appetizing food, I left the dirty dishes in the sink and trudged along the stairs enthusiastically to my studio. It had been so long since I had last painted and I already missed the feeling of the brush between my fingers. My previous portrait of Shiroyama was still wedged to the stand. I carefully removed the completed canvas and placed it gently against a corner on the floor.

Giving a lingering look at the smiling beauty in the portrait, I turned back to the stand to place a fresh canvas. Setting up the palette, I concentrated on making another portrait of Shiroyama which was currently the only attribute my mind could think of. The painting took hours to complete. I didn’t budge an inch from my position until I placed the finishing strokes to the canvas. As I looked at the completed portrait, I couldn’t hold back the slow smile that spread across my features.

Shiroyama Yuu was seated in the middle of a large, meadow surrounded by a sea of pearly, white irises. The flourishing night sky held a single moon in the heights of a full fledged bloom, bathing the beautiful, kimono-clad creature beneath it in authentic, ivory light. Shiroyama’s likeness had a gentle smile plastered on its luscious, red lips unlike the real one. I could feel the anomalous vehemence boiling up within me again.

I was already well aware of the fact that Shiroyama didn’t feel a single ounce of emotion towards me. He had already made it very clear in our previous encounter that he chose to be by my side only for the blood which ran within my body, the one which he had been hunting down for ages. In the end, after draining me completely he would selfishly toss me aside and walk away without regret. The truth was cruel but I didn’t care. I had already prepared myself to accept this unfair proposal when I too made the choice to let him near me. But there was a certain desperateness which was fueled by my longing to have more to our relationship than that of the predator and its unfortunate prey. I wanted more to our affair than just being another one of his worthless playthings. Also there was the question of my own feelings towards him.

The only relationships I have ever had so far were purely physical. Mindlessly fucking women towards whom I never had any form of attachment. The feeling called love, I have never experienced it once in my life. The cold shoulder which I had received from my parents was partly the reason why I had never allowed myself to involve with anyone in any kind of relationship which was above physical. That was why I remained clueless about the anonymous emotions I felt towards Shiroyama.

I called Takanori the first thing in the morning to pick me up since my bike still remained neglected at college. I firmly decided to somehow get it back home today. As I waited impatiently outside the manor’s gate, a brand new red sports car pulled over in front of me.

“Oi, hop in”, Taka yelled from the driver’s seat, a huge grin plastered across his face while opening the passenger door for me.

Stunned, I immediately climbed in and hooked the seat belt around me.

“When did u buy a car?” I glared at him.

“Oh, this”, Taka grinned. “I ordered this baby two weeks back. She got delivered last Wednesday.”

“Bastard”, I growled. “You never had the decency to tell me.”

“Well you know me”, he drawled. “I am the man of many secrets.”

I playfully punched him on the shoulder and ground my fist against his muscle.

“Quit hiding shit from me”, I grumbled. “We are supposed to be pals. Sometimes I fucking know nothing about you.”

Takanori smiled and moved his eyes to rest on the fist which was still in contact with his shoulder. His smile faded when his eyes fell on the gauze bandage.

“What the fuck is that?”

“Nothing”, I pulled my wrist away and hurriedly pulled the sleeves down.

“Doesn’t look like nothing to me”, he frowned. “You should follow your own advice of hiding shit from friends.”

“Seriously man its nothing”, I rolled my eyes. “I tripped and fell on an open blade when I tried to move a canvas. It’s not as bad as it looks.”

He gave me a suspicious looks while I put up my best act of feigned innocence.

“Can’t you walk your ass straight without cutting yourself open?” he scoffed before turning his eyes back to the road.

On reaching the MedSchool, Taka parked the glossy, automobile in the campus’ parking lot. I tried to maintain a calm composure as I slouched off to the class rooms closely followed by my best friend, in order not to make Taka suspicious. In reality, I just wanted to run all the way to the Psychiatry Department so that I could make sure that everything that had happened between Shiroyama and me hadn’t been a lie. We both walked to the boring classrooms, talking casually and stopping in between only to grab books from the steel lockers. I settled down with Taka in the usual bench at the back row of the class.

On Mondays, the first two hours in the schedule was occupied by Forensic Science lecture. I kept my eyes glued to the entrance, biting my lower lip in silent anticipation as I waited. A few minutes later, Shiroyama Yuu entered the class room with a stack of papers in his hand. He placed the paper stack on the desk and moved over to the white board with a marker to start the lecture for the day without wasting time. My eyes followed his every move without missing a single detail. The white lab coat, hugging his lithe body seemed to add more to his already overwhelming refinement. The truth of him being a blood thirsty vampire flew out of my messed up brain as I observed him without batting an eyelid. As he talked, writing occasionally on the board from time to time, I was more interested in the silky texture of his voice rather than the subject he was talking about. I couldn’t take my eyes off those mouthwatering, full red lips which moved about sensually with every word he uttered. His sexy lip stud glinted in the dull class room light. A really lewd image of my tongue licking and biting that piece of provocative jewelry flashed across my thoughts. I bit my lips in order to stifle the moan that threatened to escape my mouth. I cursed myself for getting pulled into that sinister façade that he put into use for seducing his innocent prey.

As if he had been well aware of my libidinous fantasies, Shiroyama turned to face me with a raised eyebrow, a sly smile slowly creeping in his cherry, red lips. Slightly abashed, I looked down blushing fiercely.

“You okay?” Taka asked.

“I am good”, I lied between my teeth.

The class was soon approaching to an end which left me slightly disappointed. Today’s class had been a real visual treat. Shiroyama was the perfect jewel for an artist’s idolization. His flawless beauty had made me rejoiced as well as inspired. I could already feel myself running back home to create a brand new portrait with all the extra details I had captured today.

Suddenly, Shiroyama started walking towards to the bench where I was seated. I hurriedly, looked away trying to ignore my furiously, pounding heart which was ready to jump out of my throat any instant now.

“Takashima kun, you skipped all classes for a week”, he said standing in front of me. I didn’t miss the sarcasm in his tone. “Not to mention that you failed to attend the lab sessions as well.”

“I was sick”, I mumbled.

“And you ran out of my class the other day without asking my permission.”

“I am sorry, sensei. That day I was about to puke so I couldn’t exactly ask for permission.”

“Mm, and your grades are really bad as well, Takashima kun”, he added. I could practically hear the silent amusement in his words.

“I am sorry”, I apologized again.

“I guess you already know I am in charge of helping out students. So I will be expecting you in my cabin after your classes for the day end.”

I jerked my head upwards to stare at him. The smile on his features made him look genuinely concerned. But I wasn’t fooled as I very well knew the meaning behind the forged concern. I shivered as I imagined what awaited me in his cabin. He remained standing there with his arms folded against his chest, waiting for an answer.

“I understand, I will be there sensei”, I looked down without meeting his eyes.

Without so much as another glance, Shiroyama headed back to the front. I slowly turned around to look at Taka who was staring at me with a really incredulous look on his face.

“You owe me an explanation”, he stated darkly.

When the lunch recess began, Takanori all but dragged me to the college cafeteria. We silently bought lunch and sauntered off to the empty table at the far end of the cafeteria.

“Speak”, he demanded.

“About what?”

“Don’t play dumb”, he snapped. “What the fuck is going on between you and Shiroyama?”

“Nothing”, I lied.

“Don’t lie, Kouyou”, he growled. “I have been seeing your effing behavior ever since you stepped foot in here. When have you ever agreed to discuss your shitty grades with a lecturer?”

He was right. Before, if any of the lecturers had so much as even opened their mouth to me I would have asked them to fuck off then and there. I really was tempted to cover up the truth. But Taka was very perceptive when it came to me. I have never managed to hide anything from him successfully for too long. He knew me too well. So there really was no point in hiding at all.

Sighing deeply, I got ready to the spill the disastrous truth.

“You know the time I went to Shiroyama and broke down completely?”


“Well he crudely threw me out without any kind of explanation.”

“Is that all?” he asked perplexed. “Why would something as pathetic as that screw you? And to think that I even confronted that asshole.”

“Fuck you”, I growled. “I told you not to do anything rash.”

“Yeah right”, he sneered. “My friend runs off and hides like a pussy in his room and you except me to sit tight? Anyway just continue.”

“Fine”, I glared.

After a tiny pause I sighed and started talking.

“I got attracted when I first laid my eyes on him. Don’t ask why, okay. I have no fucking idea myself.”

I took a bite from my sandwich before continuing.

“When he threw me out like that, I got reminded of all the shit I had gone through from childhood.”


“Mm! On Friday, you know the day I skipped college since I didn’t sleep, I ran into Shiroyama in a convenience store. We talked for a while and he suddenly asked me out of the blue to go out with him.”

“What?” Taka yelped.

“Yeah!” Surprising right?” I replied slightly embarrassed. I felt bad for keeping my find in the dark. But I had no choice since my friend’s safety was much more important than my honesty towards him.

“What did you say?”

“I said okay”, I shrugged my shoulders.

“You agreed? Just like that?” his eyes widened in disbelief.

“Well, yeah!” I answered automatically. “Lets face it, he’s hot.”

“Even though he is a man?”

“Even though he is a man.”

“I don’t believe it”, Taka slumped against his chair throwing his head backwards. “I never thought you of all people would be attracted to men. I mean even when you were rampaging all depressed you went about sticking your dick only into women.”

“I still like woman”, I laughed without humor. “But Shiroyama is an exception, I guess.”


An awkward silence followed when both of us refused to look up at the other’s visage.

“You must think its gross right?” I asked finally breaking the silence.

“What?” Taka immediately snapped out of his reverie to look at me.

“Well you know, me being attracted to Shiroyama and all.”

“Ah! No”, he shook his head vigorously in denial. “You think I am prejudiced? Nah! Well this might come off as a big surprise but I am gay.”

“What?” This time it was my turn to widen my eyes in disbelief.

“Yes”, he smiled slightly disconcerted. “I knew I liked men when I was around fifteen. And also in our first year I had a big crush on you.”

I stared at him completely bewildered. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening. The sudden overwhelming information was making my head spin.

“I-I never knew”, I stammered.

“It was a long time back, Kou”, he patted my hand gently. “I did like you. But when I saw you with all those women, I thought you were straight. Besides I valued our friendship more so I didn’t have the heart to confess.”

Taking a sip from his soft drink, he continued.

“It did hurt a lot being by your side. But I couldn’t just abandon you when you were killing yourself like that. Time passed and my feelings for you too ebbed and it was replaced with a strong bond of friendship.

I could feel my eyes stinging in guilt and shame. Taka had always been so nice and in return I had only been hurting and neglecting him without my knowledge. I had been too drowned in my own self misery that I hadn’t noticed the struggle he was going through in order to be with me. A sudden strong surge of affection welled up within me directed towards the only best friend I have ever had all my life.

“I am sorry, Taka”, I apologized. “I am sorry for ignoring you like that and taking you for granted.”

“Come on, Kou”, he smiled with tears in his eyes. “Don’t be like that. You have always been a good friend to me. I really loved taking care of you. So don’t beat yourself over this okay.”


“Hey cheer up, buddy. See I really don’t like talking about myself since I prefer to put my loved ones before me. So relax.”

I smiled and wiped the tears off from my eyes.

“By the way, I don’t like Shiroyama”, he added acidly. “But I am gonna step back and respect your decision. But if he ever makes you cry, I am going to punch his stupid face without holding back like last time.”

Laughing out loud, I got off my seat along with Taka. We both held each other in a quick hug and returned back to the boring class rooms with our arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders.


A/N: Okay drop all your weapons. I know this is a short chapter. I was planning to make it big. But unfortunately it turned out humongous. There really was no point in posting it along with this. So I am splitting it into two chapters. I am still typing it and I will send it to my beta as soon as possible. And also I am happy to inform you that my exams are getting over on June 1. So that means more Lascivious Blood. The outlines for Chapters 9, 10 and 11 are ready. I will start writing them as soon as I am free so Yay!!! Hope you all like this chapter. Love you all 

Date: 2012-05-25 12:59 pm (UTC)
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Yay! You updated! :D

I love this chapter and Ruki's appearance in it. He's so cute driving his red sports car and admitting his huge crush on Uruha like that. LOL. XD

And yes! Uruha finally admits he's in a relationship with Aoi. I still feel really sorry for him though. I think I kinda understand what he feels. T____T

This chapter both broke my heart and made me feel giddy. Good work.^^

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I originally didn't plan this at all..but when I was writing the outline of this chapter I suddenly felt like adding more drama and that is how Taka fell in love with Kou LOL

I feel sorry too..damn Aoi is so ruthless.. I have planned something real evil for Aoi in chapter 10 MWAHAHAHA

Aw sweetie I am sorry this chapter broke ur heart but thank u so much for reading..I love you a lot for commenting and making me happy ^^

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Ruki driving a shiny red car is adowable. Poor thing, he loved kou for so long *sniffles*

Great job sweetheart!!! Can't wait for more ^^

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LOL tell me about it but I wouldn't mind if a sexy teacher asks me to meet him in his cabin XD

Aw poor Ruki..i hadn't originally planned to make him love Kou chan but it adds to the drama and everyone seems to like it ^^

Thank u darling <3 it means a lot when u leave such nice comments on my post. Next chapter will be ready in 2 or 3 days..

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Yes it had been short but it's still lovely and cute <3

Kouyou's just plain adorable when he's in love <3 <3

Oh and Good luck on your exams!

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I know its short..sorry I couldn't add the rest since it is too long and I am sure LJ will force me to cut it into two parts u can except the next chapter in another 2 or 3 days ^^

and yes i find him really cute too ^^

thank u for reading and means a lot and thank u for wishing me luck ^-^

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*drop my gun* too shooooort >.<

uruha really in love with aoi. but hei, the fact that ruki loved uruha shocking me *O*

Where does ruki get that ride?

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sorry m(_ _)m the original chapter is very very big...I am sure LJ will force me to split it into two..u can expect the next chapter in another 2 or 3 days ^^

I hadn't originally planned to make Ruki have a crush on Uru but i dunno i felt like adding some drama ^^

Yes i shud ask him i want a sports car too XD

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Aw thank you thank are a new reader right??I am so happy to hear that you like my writing style..this is actually the first time I am writing something and it feels so good when I am appreciated even though I dont know if i deserve it..

Thank you for commenting it means a lot...I will update the next chapter in another 2 or 3 days ^-^

Holy shit a chainsaw GOD save me
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Aw thank you. Yes it is my first one. I never thot i wud end up writing actually..i was really nervous abt writing this story but my beta who has actually been one of my closest friends in twitter for two years now encouraged me to write and also agreed to beta read for me..

Well u commented in the end and that's wat makes me happy LOL...i too lurk for a while before commenting XD

Let's out a sigh of relief seeing the machine gun safely tucked away

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I didn't expect you would update this so I lost ALL the spots! >.< And then I just HAD to have some things to do. >.> Anyways, brace yourself for I have a lot of things to say about this. lol
I sense those feelings as well, Kou. I expected Yuu to leave before morning but not to take care of Kouyou like that. It might be because he cares for him... Maybe..? Or it's just that he doesn't want any of Kouyou's blood to be wasted. x3 At least that makes him look more human. A bit.
And omg, what can I say about Taka? I was VERY surprised to find out about his feelings towards Kouyou! But, why do I feel like those feelings haven't faded yet..? If that is true, then Taka will get in a LOT of troubles with Yuu. He didn't react well when Kouyou said he 'dated' Yuu... so, that's one of the clues I have so far. Don't let him get hurt~
And yes! Small chapter! >.< I can't wait for the next one tho. *kicks gun away so you won't see it* Alright, I guess I should stop my rambling here xD

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Aw sorry sweet heart I really wasn't planning on updating but i was done this morning and my beta finished reading it in the evening so i updated..hope u get the spot next time <3

Well Kouyou is feeling insecure..can't blame the poor guy his parents were total dick heads so he hasn't learned what it feels like to love..

and Yuu he acts all ruthless but i guess he does have a soft side or maybe u r right abt the blood LOL

actually Taka's feelings towards Kou was a last minute addition..i wanted to add more drama..i wont guarantee anything abt Taka getting hurt..but i can tell u tat Yuu wont harm Taka tats all..

Well the original chapter is too big that's y i m splitting it into two parts..the next update will be in 2 or 3 days..and i dont mind ur rambling i love long comments XD

You too Brutus *looks at u in disbelief* and u promised to protect me

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Oooh. Smooth, Yuu. Real smooth. XD
And poor Taka. <3 I think a lot of us have been in his position, having a crush on a best friend who in no way thinks of you like that. I hope he finds someone nice~. ^_^
I'm looking forward to seeing where you're going to take this fic! :3 Can't wait for the next update!

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Ya smooth..if a sexy teacher called me to his cabin i wud have already fainted then and there XD

Making Taka like Kou was actually a last minute decision..but u r rite many have had unrequited love towards their best friend and its really sad.. Taka is real sweet he deserves a lot of happiness ^-^

Next update will definitely happen beta has already approved but i need to add some tiny changes and edit the typos..

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"Shiroyama turned to face me with a raised eyebrow, a sly smile slowly creeping in his cherry, red lips." OKAY I DIED AT THIS PART. *massive nosebleeding*

OMG Taka actually liked Kou?? *mind-blown*

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LOL shud I be guilty about ur fingers not working?? XD

Okay that part I just cudn't help imagining how Aoi wud look if he did tat for real *bleeds along with u*

Originally tat wasn't part of the plot..but when i was writing the outline i thot of adding more drama..but Taka is kinda cute..thank u for reading and commenting dear <3 it means a lot..

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I'm so sorry for commenting late!! I've been so busy, I haven't had time to actually sit down and write a proper comment. I'm gonna jump straight to the next chapter after this as well.

Aw, Takanori's crush was kinda cute. He's rather cool in this story, I like him quite a bit. And I'm glad that Kouyou and Yuu are in a "relationhip" now (if that's what you can call it). Yuu's note at the beginning of this chapter was cute, and I was literally all over the place when I found out you'd updated the next chapter so quickly after this one! :3

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It's fine sweet heart..u commented and tat makes my day ^_^

It wasn't originally my plan to make Taka like Kou..but when i was writing the outline i felt it wud add to some drama..i mean we can't always keep a story dark right???

Aw i m so glad u liked it *hugs* i hav to think a lot when it comes to writing romantic stuff since i have never been in a relationship but still i m so happy u like it ^^

Thank u for commenting i always love ur comments <3

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I know what you mean, ideas just come to you while you write or plan, and you just can't help but write them down. Like it? I love it! You should know that~

Er, well, I'm asexual and a bit of an aromantic so I find it difficult as well. I think you did a good job on depicting their cute romance... ;)
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Okay..wait what time is it right now?? It is 6 in the morning and the very first thing I do is get all teary eyed reading ur comment..

I don't know wat to say..I am an inspiration to ur work?? I don't knw if i deserve tat beautiful compliment..tis is actually my first fic and the first time i m even writing some thing of my own..all my life i haven't created a single story of my own..when i read every single comment from the readers i can't help but feel happy in a melancholic way..thank u dear...ur comment makes me so happy tat i wanna keep writing more and more..

and i m happy to hear u like my writing style i m still new and i need to improve a lot but i will try my best..

i don't mind ur out of random comments ^^ u commented and it made my day XD i will add u now so tat u wont miss out my future chapters ^__^ and btw i m gonna read ur work now and shower u with my comments..once again thank u so much for commenting and making my day..


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