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Title: Dearest
Chapter: 2(A)/?
Author(s): [ profile] xadowangel & [ profile] deadlyscarlet
Beta: [ profile] deadlyscarlet
Genre: AU/ Romance/ Angst/ Smut(in later chapters)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, Incest, Rape, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post-traumatic stress, Amnesia, Violence, Delinquency, Bullying, Religion, Mentions of Yakuza, Use of real names
Characters: Kouyou, Yuu, Takanori, Akira, Yutaka, and various OCs [more additions may be made in the future]
Pairings: Yuu/Kouyou [Aoi/Uruha], Akira/Takanori [Reita/Ruki], Yuu/OC [Aoi/OC], Kouyou/OC [Uruha/OC], Yutaka/OC [Kai/OC]
Bands: the GazettE [for now]

Synopsis: Star-Crossed Lovers who commit suicide are reborn as twins.

Takashima Kouyou and Shiroyama Yuu are fraternal twins, who don’t look anything alike. Ever since he was born, Kouyou has always been protected and shadowed by Yuu’s strong and protective behavior. Seventeen years have passed since their birth. The same older brother who had once loved him now hates him with immense passion. What went wrong between these two twins? The events that unfold inside a Catholic Boarding School decide the fate for the two boys.


Chapter 2

Students of the eleventh grade filed into the tiny chapel of St. Michael’s Residential Academy, for the compulsory Catechism class which was fit into their everyday schedule. Sister Alphonsa, a kind nun with a pleasant heart-shaped face who handled this religious class for all the grades, was already waiting for them in the tiny chapel. While she lighted candles, placed in the candle holders in front of the altar, the students seated themselves in the rows of wooden benches as quietly as possible. A line of Bibles were arranged throughout the entire length of each table, one book for each student.

Kouyou nervously sat next to Yuu who in turn gave him a look of pure loathing. Catechism was the only class where the students are made to sit together as the chapel couldn’t accommodate individual desks which would ruin its serene beauty, and Kouyou, being Yuu’s twin had actually been ordered by Sister Alphonsa herself to sit next to his brother in all the Catechism classes. Of course, Yuu had thrown a tantrum, refusing to let Kouyou sit anywhere near him but the kind, yet strict nun had stubbornly refused to let the raven have his way.

By the time the class had completely settled down, Sister Alphonsa had finished manually lighting the white candles, the tiny flames making the altar glow a warm gold. She traced a cross with her rosary and turned to face the students seated obediently in their respective places.

“Today we will learn an important lesson in the chamber of God,” Sister Alphonsa’s serene tone slightly echoed in the tranquil silence of the chapel. “Most of mankind, almost always tend to walk in the path of blasphemy and you children are no exception either.” she gave the students a glare before explaining why she was blaming them too. “We always get complaints about students of this Academy having illegal sexual relationships even though it is forbidden here.”

Her small introduction to the day’s lesson had caused a murmur to rise among the students as they stole glances with one another, some simply stared at the nun, some chuckled behind their palms as if Sister Alphonsa had said something utterly amusing and some smirking as they knew no matter what the lesson they were about to receive was about, it wouldn’t deter them from having sex with whomever they liked.

The nun continued to keep the stern look on her face even though she felt a little nervous because she knew that the subject she’d brought up was quite touchy, still she needed to do her duty and convey the message of God to her students. So she picked up one of the bibles lined in the first bench and flipped it open before saying, “Children indulging themselves in underage intercourse, that is the most sacrilegious thing I have ever heard. Even if we keep telling that such immoral acts are banned in this Academy, none of you listen.”

Some of the students in the back row, bent their heads and started snickering. One of the things banned in the Academy was sex. The Priests and Nuns were bent on preventing the students having underage sex. But still students were students. They never were able to control their hormones. Most of them got away with their illegal adventures, but the ones who got caught were forced to face terrible misfortune. The immensely rich kids got away with detention and the ones who weren’t... expelled.

“Today we are all gathered here for a different reason, though.” Sister Alphonsa talked rigidly, suddenly her face morphed with displeasure, like there was some stench lurking in an invisible corner in the beautifully decorated chapel which only she could smell. “We are here to talk about relationships more sacrilegious than even underage intercourse and what God has to say about it.”

She placed the wire-rimmed spectacles, that hung around her neck through a black string, on the bridge of her nose, the accessory fulfilling her entire persona. “ If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads .” she read stiffly from the Bible in her hands. “Can one of you explain this quote?”

None of the students raised their hands as most of them wished to be anywhere but there. Catechism was considered a waste of time by many in the Academy. Another useless burden of learning bible quotes with their already overflowing academic syllabus. But they had no option but to attend as there was no way to snivel out of it.

Sister Alphonsa maybe sweet and nice but when it came to obedience and religion there was no way she was going to step down that easily. “I am pretty sure you all know that you will remain here even if it is for the remaining day until one of you answer my question.” She snapped with her hands on her hips.

“The quote talks about gay and lesbian relationships, sister.” One of the students finally answered which even though was a bit crude and made the Nun flinch slightly, she still was pleased that one of them had finally answered. The entire classroom had gone eerily quiet as the students finally grasped the fact that this situation was indeed serious and they were about to learn something regarding homosexual relationships.

“Correct.” Sister Alphonsa clapped her knotted hands after snapping the Bible shut and placing it on the table she had picked up from earlier, “The quote clearly says that homoerotic relationships are forbidden in the Kingdom of God. The ones who indulge themselves in this type of sin will not be given a chance for even Purgatory and will be eternally separated from God, forever forced to reside in the Devil’s Realm.” She articulated mournfully.

She looked at all the students, some of them fidgeted uncomfortably in their seats due to the seriousness of the topic, others didn’t even bother to pretend that they were listening, more interested in the food awaiting them in the cafeteria. But it was true that the most attentive of the students were picking up what was being said and they couldn’t help but keep an ear open to hear what the nun had to say later on.

“I know many of you don’t believe in Hell.” Sister Alphonsa spoke again slightly frustrated as the kids weren’t taking her lesson seriously. She resented the modern century where no one took God seriously, where technology has taken away the trust and the open mindedness of the society had resulted in sinful acts to be committed without any form of guilt. If they feared the Almighty then the world would be a much better place, Sister Alphonsa thought, and these unfortunate children sitting before her could still have a family to shower them with love rather than having to spend their days in this boarding school alone.

There would be no murders or rapes. Children like Takashima and Miura would not have to carry the deadly burden of another sinner over their small shoulders. Everyone would be happy if they never failed to please God but sadly no one believed in the Supreme Creator like her anymore, she who lived the life of poverty ever since she became the bride of Christ.

She didn’t let those thoughts plague her mind because she still had a lot of duties to perform and she couldn’t afford to be weaker than necessary. She spoke again in a grave tone “Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe but keep in mind that if any of you indulge yourselves in these homoerotic relationships, you will find yourself in a much worse situation in this Academy, a situation equal to Hell.” She warned.

“Sister are you blackmailing us?”one of the boys in the back row jeered.

“This isn’t blackmail Takahashi-kun, this is the truth. Students in the past who have disobeyed and were a part of such blasphemous relationships were brought to the main Church of the Academy in order to be purified. I would rather none of you went through that as you are all just children and I want your lives to be beautiful. So pray, my child, listen to me and be careful.”

A moment of eerie silence followed Sister Alphonsa words as most of the students looked at her with their mouths wide open. This was the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard in their lives. Was the Academy capable of subjecting something as purification on the sinners? Sister Alphonsa was making purification sound so horrible that they started fearing their safety. Some of them wanted to open their mouths and boldly protest but then they decided to shut up as they didn’t want a group of Nuns and Priests to check if they were indulged in any kind of homoerotic relationships.

“Okay, let’s move on to the next quote,” she said as she flipped through the Bible again. “ None of you shall approach any one of his close relatives to uncover nakedness. I am the Lord.

This time Sister Alphonsa didn’t bother asking any of the students as she placed the Bible down and started talking to the class again. “This quote talks about incest, one of the most cursed as well as the most sinful of all relationships.”

The Nun paused when she noticed that one of the students in the back bench had raised their hand. “What is it, Sasaki-kun?” she asked.

“Ano, Sister you said incestual relationships were forbidden, but didn’t the Bible have stories related to incest?”

“The Bible indeed has such accounts of incest, Sasaki-kun,” she huffed. “But did you read fully, what happened in most of the stories. For example Amnon, he lusted for his one sister to the point of forcing her but in the end wasn’t he killed by his own brother?”she glared at Sasaki who flushed beet red and immediately hid himself behind the wooden bench.

“Incest is blasphemy,” Sister Alphonsa continued as if she hadn’t been interrupted. “Something like feelings for your own flesh and blood is nothing but a fantasy. It might sound right, being in love with your own brother or sister but it isn’t love, just lust, lust that you will forget as years pass and when you enter adulthood.”

Sister Alphonsa continued to talk about how incest is genetically harmful and the children born out of such relationships tend to be born with severe genetic disorder, like deformation or mentally inferior. She kept explaining how the sinners committing such crime would be subjected to the God’s wrath, her words sent chills and some of the students even shuddered as they listened to her describing every method of punishment they would suffer. Some tried to look for the followers of Satan among themselves, their eyes wide.

Kouyou held on to every word that was being told by Sister Alphonsa. To religious Kouyou, Catechism was one of his most favorite subjects and he loved studying the Bible. He never failed to read the Bible everyday before going to bed. If the Bible says homoerotic and incestual relationships were sinful, then it had to be wrong, so there was no way the blond would ever be caught doing such a grave crime. Kouyou wanted to enter the gates of Heaven and if he had to obey God’s rules, then he most definitely will.

The bell rang, signalling the end of the hour. Sister Alphonsa decided to finish her class for today.

“Be warned children, don’t indulge yourself in these blasphemies as they are only the work of the Devil. If you want to enter God’s Kingdom keep what I said in mind and eradicate such sinful feelings.”

The entire while, from the time Sister Alphonsa had started talking about homoerotic and incestual relationships, the raven-haired twin hadn’t looked anywhere. He hadn’t looked at the aged sister who had narrated about the deadly sins from the time the hour had commenced, the students who had sniggered and gasped, the candlelight flickering, playing shadows on the golden altar. Yuu had looked only at Kouyou, his precious blond-haired twin the entire time. And he was ashamed, when Yuu recalled that he’d been admiring the way his brother’s face was illuminated by the candlelight, he’d been watching Kouyou’s lips form into a pout as he concentrated on the Sister’s words, words which hadn’t penetrated through his skull, to his brain, as he was too preoccupied with Kouyou’s beauty.

He was going to hell, he knew it, but what hurt him most was the fact that he was going to take Kouyou down with him as well, even when his honey haired brother had nothing to do with the sinful feelings he harbored in his self...and there was nothing he could do to stop himself.


The students of room number 205 got up from their seats when their Physics teacher, Sister Catherine walked in. The nun placed her books and papers on the desk and as per routine pulled out a pen, proceeding to call out every student’s names to check if they were present. When it was done she placed the register back on the desk and went to stand by the white board.

“Today, I would like you all to welcome a new student. He transferred here due to some family issues.” She spoke to the class sternly. “I want you all to be nice to him. Come in Matsumoto-kun.” she called out to the classroom entrance.

The students immediately started whispering under their breaths as it was strange that they were having a transfer student that too at the middle of the semester. There were all discussing the various theories ranging from trouble in the previous school to parents bribing the management. They immediately fell silent when a really short boy with brown hair, walked into the classroom with his head held low.

Matsumoto Takanori had been waiting timidly outside the classroom, previously escorted there by one of the teachers directly from the Principal’s office. It wasn’t normal for someone to join a new school especially around the middle of an ongoing school semester but when your father is an influential man, then the opportunity which regular kids couldn’t possibly get in their wildest dreams, isn’t exactly impossible.

Takanori had no idea whether his father loved him or not as the elder Matsumoto had never openly showed any of his feelings towards his family. He was always rigid and tight lipped, even during dinner conversations, he only said a few words and as soon as his plate was clean he left immediately announcing that he had unfinished affairs to attend to. Takanori loved his father though, with all of his being he craved for his father’s love but still he couldn’t approve the way he got things done due to the fear people held towards him as he was the leader of a dangerous Yakuza gang.

Takanori was a simple kid. Someone who thought having average grades, studying at an average school with two or three friends was good enough for him. His mother Shinobu had always been by his side, supporting him through the ordeal of being the son of a notorious Yakuza leader. But ever since she left him behind in this filthy world to find some peace for herself in the heavens, Takanori had been reduced to nothing but a puppet lacking any kind of feelings and emotions, doing whatever he had been expected to do by others.

He wasn’t allowed to make music in the solitude of his room anymore, his old friends weren’t allowed to meet him again and before he was even able to come out of the shock of his mother’s recent death, he had been made to pack all his belongings and sent far away from home to study in this religious boarding school, the interior which reminded him of the dreadful walls of a psychiatric hospital which he’d seen in movies, the infrastructure a complete opposite of what his father had told him.

When he had stepped foot into the school premises, the first thought that had entered his mind was that his life was over. His father had just given him a swift, one-armed hug and immediately left without a single word or a backward glance. Takanori had no idea when he’d be taken out of this school but knowing his father he might have to be there until the day he graduated.

Takanori kept his head low, his hands shaking because he had never felt so nervous or scared in his life. He felt like a fish out of water, he had been forcibly taken out of his comfort zone, of a simple, happy life despite the fact that the family he belonged to wasn’t some normal family which other people could easily be friends with. He may not have many friends and he may not always enjoy everything that is going on in home, with the yakuza crawling all over the place but still that was his hometown and his home, and now he is being forced to live in a place which he’d never be able to call home no matter how hard he tried.

He rocked on the heels of his shoes while he fidgeted with his fingers, cold sweat breaking down his temples. He didn’t know what to expect inside that horrendous classroom, he didn’t know if the other students present behind the doors would accept him, he wanted to be anywhere but there.

And so while he was painfully contemplating over his fears, Sister Catherine’s voice which called out to him in order to make his introduction, made him jerk violently as he snapped back to the present.

The petit brunet stood in front of the class on wobbly legs, his vision turning blurry and refusing to look up. Takanori could vaguely hear Sister Catherine’s voice as she sternly ordered the other students to behave nicely with him. But judging the whole scenario, he could see that no matter how influential his family was or how miserable he looked right now, he wouldn’t be given any sympathy or special treatment. Everybody had to survive in this place alone, and that’s what he was, alone.

He was assigned a seat in the third row beside a blond boy who Sister Catherine had referred to as Takashima. Takanori had always been subjected to lectures by his father for his dyed brown hair and his classmates too made fun of the hair colour which he preferred over his natural black hair. But seeing another boy with bright honey tinted hair was somewhat comforting to the brunet, like seeing something familiar in the midst of complete alienation.

As Takanori took a seat beside him, Kouyou tried to give the petit brunet a comforting smile, knowing exactly what this new boy was feeling just by the expression on his face. Takanori’s face was pale, his eyes dim and lifeless as if he’d been given the most brutal punishment and had no way out of it. Kouyou released a small sigh as he thought how Takanori must have had a family, must have had a place to go when he felt like breaking down but now, those small pieces of comfort have been taken out of his life, just like his and Yuu’s.

Kouyou didn’t know anybody who studied in this school to have a warm home to go to. They were all the same, broken families, subjected to humiliation and abuse, runaways, trouble-makers and those whose parents were dead and had nobody to take them in. And today there was another name added to that list.

Takanori didn’t have any intention to listen to whatever the teacher was saying. She seemed too stern and rude for his taste. He was used to friendlier and more cheerful teaching staff, not people who looked like they were ready to strangle the students if they made any mistakes. The petite brunet missed his home already. Yes, his mother was gone, but he still had a father, and Kazuhiko who was more than a butler to him...the sweet, always caring Kazuhiko to whom he could always run back to.

So as soon as the bell rang signalling the beginning of a break, Takanori almost sprinted out of the classroom. He remembered seeing a phone down the hallway as he was taken to his classroom. After mindlessly running for a while, he released a sigh of relief as he found the phone and picked up the receiver from the cradle. Dialing the oh-so-familiar number with shaky fingers, the small boy waited impatiently for his father to pick up.

“Hello.” The familiar baritone voice sent a spark of life and relief through his nerves and Takanori immediately whimpered out, “Dad!”

“Takanori?” his Dad’s surprised voice came out of the other end. “Why did you call me?” clear annoyance emitting out of the receiver.

The brunet furrowed his brows as he picked up the unusual harshness in his father’s voice. No matter how despicable or devoid of emotions the elder Matsumoto was, he’d never been rough or unkind to him before. The petite boy tried to will the feeling of uneasiness and sadness away as he took a deep breath and murmured, “Dad, I miss you.”

“Takanori.” Takehiko snapped. “I told you not to call me unless it was important.”

“But dad,” The brunet whimpered, tears clouding his eyes at the sudden coldness his father displayed, “Dad, I can’t do this. I can’t stay here. I miss you and this place is just...Take me home dad, please!”

Takanori blurted out in one breath and clutched the receiver with both hands almost desperately, as if the lifeless object was about to make everything alright for him.

“Please dad!” he whimpered again as the silence from the other side of the phone became almost impossible for him to bear, not realizing that he had tears falling freely in crystal droplets from his eyes.

“Takanori,” the sadness in his father’s tone almost made the petit brunet shiver. His father who had always put up a rigid, stubborn and emotionless front, being the leader of the Yakuza never once had shown any form of weakness towards anyone, even towards his own family. “Please son, try to understand why I’m doing this. Shinobu, Shinobu’s death wasn’t an accident.” his voice broke. “She was killed by the enemy leader.” Takehiko choked, being unable to talk any further.

Takanori felt the world that revolved around him, suddenly disappearing behind a thick shroud of mist, leaving him all alone and helpless. He wanted to scream, until his vocal chords were destroyed, as soon as he heard the horrible truth behind his mother’s death which he had assumed to be an accident. His mother the only person who had kept him sane throughout the madness that happened every single day from the time he had been born. He wanted to curse his father for being a damn gangster until blood ran down from his mouth.

He finally understood that he wasn’t sent here so that he could learn to be all religious and learn to become stronger, rather he was sent away from home as a distraction to the opposite group. To keep him hidden and invisible to the world outside gave his father an advantage of being able to concentrate to take revenge over his wife’s tragic death without having to worry about Takanori’s safety.

“I can’t afford to have you around here when I search for this bastard and give him the same pain he’d inflicted upon me. I might die in the battle son, and I can’t afford to lose you. You are precious to me. I’m sorry, I never took care of you all this while. I know that I’m a bad father. But I really do love you, like how I loved your mom. After all this is over, if I’m still alive, I promise to find you.” Takehiko finally broke into sobs, not being to talk any longer he hung up.

Takanori didn’t answer a word, just let the tears fall freely as his grip on the phone slackened, his own body feeling alien to himself as he pressed himself against the wall, not noticing a group of snickering boys scrutinizing him. To Yuu’s gang members this was one hell of a juicy treat, a fag crying on phone.

They weren’t going to let the opportunity to slip away. “Oi chibi.” one of them yelled. But Takanori who was still under the shock of what his father had just related to him hadn’t heard the shout. He snapped out of his reverie only when a hand caught hold of his hair and dragged him off the wall, flinging him into a corner.

The next moment he found himself surrounded by a group of boys, around six or seven of them, he had never even seen before. The crazy looks on their eyes, made his breath hitch, his eyes wide in fear. “W-Who are you?” the petit boy asked, almost breaking down in insuppressible fear.

“You don’t have to know that pretty boy.” A guy with a buzz-cut chortled maliciously. “Coz you won’t be alive to remember any of our faces.”

Takanori whimpered, tears already dripping down his cheeks. Dad, is this the safety, you were talking about? The brunet thought as tried his best to remain standing. He hadn’t eaten anything from morning and he was finding it difficult to even remain conscious. “I need to go now.” he breathed in a tiny voice trying to get away from there as fast as possible.

A knee landed directly on the petit brunet’s stomach making him slump to the floor. The next moment, all the hooligans ganged up on the tiny figure on the floor and started kicking and pushing him around. Soon the entire hallway was filled with blood curdling screams of the new boy being ruthlessly violated by a group of bullies. Even if someone heard, they pretended as if their minds were playing tricks and went about with wherever they were headed to.

Yuu stood watching silently as Daijiro and the others beat up the new kid who was about to drop unconscious. The raven did feel sorry for the poor, pathetic boy. Deep down, he wanted to beat the shit out of every asshole and save him. But instead, he continued to stand idly smoking a cancer stick, watching anywhere but there. Even though he was the boss of the gang, he never bothered with giving orders or anything.

He wasn’t even interested in being a delinquent in the first place. Someone like him who had everything within his reach, who a born genius could just be a nerd and get the career of a lifetime. But on the other hand, being the part of a gang helped him to take his mind off Kouyou. Probably, Kouyou would even end up him hating him someday but as long he could maintain his distance from Kouyou, it didn’t matter to him.

Kouyou had been in a happier mood that day because religious lessons always calmed him down to a considerable extent. Everything that had happened earlier that week, Yuu’s behaviour towards him and everything torturous that almost squeezed his heart to the point he wanted to die, seemed to dissipate into mere shadows by the time the Catechism class had been over. He felt lighter and his heart seemed to get over the asphyxiating darkness.

He had met Hikari by her locker after his Physics class had ended. The next one was English, and it was a compulsory course for every student in the school, which meant he’d get to spend some time with Hikari as well. The petite girl had greeted him with the sunniest smile that he had returned with equal warmth after swathing her in a bone crushing hug.

For some weird reason, he felt his heart skip a beat when Hikari’s body met his and the dark haired girl let out a charming giggle.

So he walked alongside her with an an extra skip in his steps, as Hikari kept talking about nothing in particular, her hands flying in every direction having a hard time keeping the books in place, eyes sparkling and wide. Kouyou laughed like an idiot as she pouted when she realized that her long lecture was being completely ignored by the honey blond.

They turned a corner and Kouyou stopped dead in his tracks.

The honey blond noticed a small group of people huddled at one corner, their backs facing the honey blond and his best friend. Even though he couldn’t really see their faces, he knew very well who they were. He would never miss those extravagant hairdo and untucked uniform shirts.

The honey blond had always been intimidated by Yuu’s gang members, and after the incident that had taken place a few days ago, he felt insecure towards his own brother. He grabbed Hikari’s hand in his own and taking a deep breath decided to skip past them as fast as possible. Luckily, whatever they were doing, they didn’t seem to have any interest in him today.

But the plan never succeeded because the next second, he heard a broken voice, a voice he’d only heard once this morning, but it was unmistakable.

“Please, let me go!”

It was Matsumoto Takanori. No wonder he wasn’t visible, his height wasn’t anything impressive and with those well built bodies towering over the small boy it really was impossible. Kouyou shivered as he recalled the painful incident that occurred only few days earlier, when he was the pathetic little victim suffering the rage of those gang members.

He didn’t want to see Takanori suffer. It was his first day at school and he didn’t deserve it.

From the corner of his eye, Yuu could see Kouyou standing with that girl called Hikari. Inwardly the raven was seething with rage. He knew very well that Kouyou was infatuated with her, as he knew his brother like the back of his hand, and probably the girl feels the same too. He so badly wanted to peel Kouyou away from her and prove that his brother was his and only his. But if he did that, everyone would know about the shameful feelings he held for his own blood brother. He would definitely be ridiculed by the world and Kouyou too would be pulled into the blackness along with him. Yuu feared the prospect of Kouyou getting harmed and that was why he’d locked away those obscene, sinful feelings which would definitely damn him someday.

For the first time in a long while, Kouyou wanted to help the new boy, even if that meant direct confrontation with the same people that had hurt him not too long ago, with a considerable chance that he’d end up in the same state again. But he just didn’t care, because even if he got hurt, Takanori would know that he wasn’t alone in this horrible place, a fragment of hell itself, that they were forced to call school. Takanori seemed so small compared to those well built gang members, so vulnerable and he just didn’t know what to do to protect him. When it came to Yuu and his gang, he was just as helpless as Matsumoto Takanori.

Still, he delivered a small push to Hikari, indicating that he wanted her out of that place.

“What?” A small frown appeared on her pretty face as she scrutinized the scene that unfolded before them, the discomfort only intensifying as she took in the whole scenario. It didn’t take some exceptional talent to realize what was going on. She’d seen so much bullying and gang fights break out in the school already. She wasn’t sure why the Academy claimed a strict and protected lifestyle for the students, when they so badly failed at it.

“Get out of here, now.” Kouyou whispered in a hushed voice as he pushed the petite girl into the nearby hallway, he himself taking the straight route, directly where the commotion broke out.

“Why? What are you thinking?” Hikari demanded as she planted her feet on the ground, refusing to let Kouyou go alone.

“I...I need to talk Yuu out. I can’t let him hurt a new kid.”

“That’s the new kid?” Hikari asked, catching sight of a mess of wild brown hair in between the massive bodies, and she flinched as Takanori let out a small scream, that was intense enough to pierce through her heart.

‘Poor guy.” She whispered.

“Hikari, go!” Kouyou pushed her again and this time she didn’t argue. She could see Yuu standing nearby, nonchalantly pressing his sides against a wall with a small teasing smirk as if he was thoroughly enjoying what his followers were doing.

“Make sure you don’t get hurt okay? And get me by the music room door, I’ll be waiting for you.”

And squeezing Kouyou in a brief hug, she disappeared around the corner, not noticing the way Yuu’s obsidian orbs blazed with hatred at the small display of affection.

A surge of burning rage spread through Yuu’s lithe profile as he saw the damn girl hug Kouyou. It didn’t matter who or what she was, as that was Kouyou, his brother, his property---his everything--- she was touching. The older twin knew he had to do something about this. His mind was already plotting sick, twisted methods to get rid of everyone who dared spare a glance, let alone touch his twin. At that moment, he didn’t care about any morals or any rules, he didn’t care whether Kouyou would end up hating him or not, he had to have his brother for himself.

Yuu turned an eye towards the Matsumoto kid who was being pressed against the wall and let an amused grin materialize in his beautifully pierced lips. He knew his brother could never stand something like that and would try his best to put a stop to it even though this would result in him getting hurt. That’s how pure Kouyou was. But he knew that none of the fools would so much as lay a finger on Kouyou after witnessing what he had done to Daijiro for punching Kouyou. A devious smile appeared on his lips as he watched the younger twin start walking towards him, making Yuu’s heart come to life with a wild pound that was loud enough to be heard by his own ears.


[ profile] deadlyscarlet : Regarding this chapter, Xadow and I kinda got carried away and the result was 37 pages. o_o We wish we could shorten this chapter but then all the scenes we have written so far are very essential and couldn’t be removed. So we don’t want to post the entire thing the same day coz I’m positive u all will get tired by the time u r done with the entire chapter. So we’ve split this humongous chapter into 3 parts. One part will be posted per day. Also I beta-read this chapter coz our beloved beta-reader [ profile] veroxion is sick ; ___ ; I hope she recovers soon coz I miss her. She asked me to find another beta but then Xadow and I don’t wanna replace our sweet friend. I wanted to wait for her but then I’m leaving town for 11 fucking days. That’s why I hastily beta-read this. I apologize for the errors and mistakes. Hopefully chapter 3 will be written much better. Thanx for your lovely support. And also thank you for all the comments that you left in [ profile] xadowangel 's journal. Of course I read them all ^^. We hope to get your continuous support.

Love you all,


[ profile] xadowangel Sweet little readers of of us, here is the second installment of ‘DEAREST’. I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this, and we really wanted to post it earlier, but as we started writing, we couldn’t be satisfied until we wrote exactly what we wanted to write! And yeah, this chapter is super huge 0_o. We’re not gonna post it all together because it was me who suggested that we should keep you people on the edge XD. So all three parts are going to be posted in three consecutive days on dear [ profile] deadlyscarlet’s journal.
I enjoyed writing this chapter. It’s super fun to write when you have a friend like Scarlet-chan supporting you. And yeah, I just couldn’t stop writing! I really really hope that you guys enjoy this. Please let us know what you think. And I’ll read all your comments!
So, Voila! Go ahead, enjoy!
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