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Title: Dearest

Chapter: 0/?

Author(s): [ profile] xadowangel & [ profile] deadlyscarlet

Beta: [ profile] veroxion

Genre: AU/ Romance/ Angst

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Language, Incest, Rape

Pairings: Yuu/Kouyou [Aoi/Uruha]

Synopsis:  Star-Crossed Lovers who commit suicide are reborn as twins.

Takashima Kouyou and Shiroyama Yuu are fraternal twins, who don’t look anything alike. Ever since he was born, Kouyou has always been protected and shadowed by Yuu’s strong and protective behavior. Seventeen years have passed since their birth. The same older brother who had once loved him, hates him now with immense passion. What went wrong between these two twins? The events that unfold inside a Catholic Boarding School decide the fate of the two boys.

Please check the Authors' note below.


The night was dark and stormy, throwing the caliginous vault of heaven into a monstrous yet bewitching display of lightning. Cacophonous claps of thunder materialized frequently, disturbing the morbid serenity of the night tide as I cowered in a corner of the tiny warehouse located in our neighborhood, whimpering in fear. It was cold, so insanely cold that my insides convulsed in untamed dread. I wanted someone to come and hold me tight, to make me forget the ghoulish nightmare that I had the forsaken luck of experiencing only moments ago. God! If there was one thing I wanted, it would be to wake up knowing that I had just been dreaming.

But it was reality, and I was nothing more than a spectator of God’s game, unable to reverse what was happening right now. I was covered from head to toe in blood which was not my own, as I watched my eight year old fraternal twin brother beating a thirty year old office worker black and blue with a baseball club.

The man had always been very nice to me; buying me chocolates and ice creams whenever he came over to see me. He was one of our nicest neighbours, and since my mom and dad worked out pretty late almost every night, somehow Hiroshi-san became the babysitter who volunteered to take care of us both when my parents were out for too long.

It didn’t take long for me to become attached to him, since he seemed to shower me with affection and attention, which was quite unusual coming from someone like him. I was just too naive to see that. Yuu-nii never liked him though... he hated Hiroshi with his very being, the man who had somehow became an uncle to me, something that I’ve never had.

Way too soon, Yuu-nii and I had grown up enough to manage a few hours in the evenings without our parents on our own, and that cut off the time I got to spend with Oji-san. But he managed to make up for that. On his days off from work, he would take me to the National Zoo so that I could eye all the animals with glee. After that, we would go to the lake in order to feed the ducks, my favorite birds in the whole world. He was always so sweet and nice to me, that I couldn’t help but be fond of him. Sometimes, I’d wish that he’d take my Yuu-nii with us, because no matter how fun it was to hang out with that man in all those amazing places, it was never really complete without my twin brother with me, the boy who shared half of my soul. Even though he was only three and a half minutes older than me, I loved to call him Yuu-nii. He always made me feel protected, constantly shadowed by his strong, confident demeanor.

Whenever I tried pleading with him to take my older twin along, Hiroshi would scoff, saying that Yuu-nii was a troublemaker and that I was a good kid, so he only liked to take me by myself. I felt flattered at those sickeningly sweet words, too naive to realize the trap I was being led into day after day. When I returned from my daily rendezvous, I’d find Yuu-nii waiting for me with a sad fallen face, once again betrayed by me and my pathetic little whims.

Today like always he had taken me out, promising to let me visit an amusement park. I had gladly followed him to the park and played happily with all the clowns while gobbling up all the treats he had bought me. When dusk approached, he brought me to his car and helped me climb inside. I fell asleep before I knew it, since I was terribly tired from all the playing. When I came to full consciousness, I felt this strange sensation of motion, as if I was being moved. It took me awhile, what with my vision blurry and my head hurting, but I then realized that I was being carried upside down on someone’s shoulder. I opened my eyes, assuming that I was inside my own home hoping to find my parents and Yuu-nii waiting for me. But instead what met my weary eyes and hazy vision was a large dark room, littered with broken furniture, with pieces of wood scattered all over the desolate area.

It took me a significant amount of time to realize that this was one of the abandoned warehouses Yuu-nii and I went to play hide-n-seek in, only now this place looked more like a morbid, spine-chilling nightmare instead of a place that held little treasures and small secrets that only Yuu-nii and I knew.

I was frightened. I had always hated the dark and refused to sleep during the night without the lights on. The all too familiar corners, the gaps between broken furniture that saved me from Yuu-nii’s cautious, sharp eyes during sunny mornings and golden afternoons seemed to engulf my senses with an outlandish aura... somehow, I knew something was just too wrong about the whole scenario.

“Oji-san, Kou-chan wants to go home!” I cried, rivulets of tears flowing down my cheeks. “I don’t want boogieman to eat me.”

He didn’t say anything as he threw me to the cold, wooden floor. I cried out in pain when my head collided harshly with the hard ground.

“Oji-san, what are you doing?” I screamed shrilly, overwhelmed by my abhorrent terror. I couldn’t really decipher Oji-san’s features clearly anymore, just a distorted silhouette outlined by the shining sliver of lightning that crackled through the sky, flashing the universe in deadly white every now and then.

The man, who I could no longer recognize as my Oji-san removed my shorts and spread my legs wide, ignoring my pathetic pleas, the tears that stained my face and everything I screamed at him was left unheard. My vulnerability seemed to fuel his desires even more, enticing him further as more fervent moans escaped his rotten lips. Crawling on top of me, he released breathless pants and wild moans, all the while kissing me all over my neck and making me shriek whenever he viciously sunk his teeth into my skin, leaving red dents all over me.

“Quiet!” he roared angrily, placing a sweaty hand over my mouth, muffling my pitiful screams. And at that moment I felt nothing like human. I felt stained, I felt dirty... and I felt like I was betraying Yuu-nii...

He hastily removed my underwear and flung it to the corner of the room. I watched in horror as the vile man who had always pretended to be nice, proceeded to unbuckle his belt as well as removing the zipper of his pants. I closed my eyes, praying desperately for someone to come and save me, because I could see what was going to happen to me now. My small body was trapped beneath his bigger, stronger one, squirming and shaking. I didn’t want this to happen to me. I didn’t want to get hurt.

A loud thump reverberated in the air followed by the paedophile grunting out loud in pain. I opened my eyes to find my older brother clutching a baseball club with his tiny fists, jagged nails protruding out of the wood, making his weapon look even more threatening. Yuu-nii seemed so small before this despicable creature, but his presence alone gave me hope, and my heart clenched in agony and fear when I saw the scenario unfold before my reluctant eyes.

My brother and I weren’t called fraternal twins without reason. He inherited raven black hair and obsidian orbs from our Japanese mother, while I on the other hand inherited honey blond hair and aureate orbs from our English father. Even our personalities were completely dissimilar. He was the more mature one, stoic, stronger and more confident. But I... I am just as pathetic as I am now. I watched with fear, as my twin repeatedly hammered the man’s head with the club, causing dark liquid to spurt out of the wound and soak his face. He never stopped... he kept crashing the heavy bat against the already disfigured figure, an unfamiliar coppery stench hitting my nostrils as pools of blood splattered all over, staining the two of us as well as the floor.

After being unable to lift the club any longer with his tiny body, he slumped to the floor clutching his knees. The man remained still and unmoving, blood steadily seeping out his head as his face remained planted to the floor. I remained in the same position I had been in before my older twin had intervened the abominable act that was about to subjected upon me by the middle aged man whom I had trusted. Broken sobs reached my ears, making me snap my eyes wide open. I turned my face to the source of the heart breaking sound only to find my precious brother shivering violently as he clutched his knees in desperation. I immediately crawled over to him, forgetting all my pain and trauma that I had experienced only a moment ago from the time I had been brought to the warehouse.

“Yuu-nii, why are you crying?” I whined, clutching his shoulder in panic, wondering if he had been hurt by the monster, my debauched features and nudity never bothering me since all I wanted at the moment was to make Yuu-nii stop crying. It was tearing me apart, every tiny whimper he released slashed my little heart into shreds. I didn’t even want to think about what had happened, afraid that he would hate me if he knew.

“Don’t touch me, Kou-chan.” he wept hysterically, slapping my hands off him.

“Did Kou-chan do something wrong?” I asked, tears streaming down my cheeks as he rejected my touch. “I swear, it wasn’t my fault.” I cried too, pathetically, as I tried to explain how I never knew he would do this to me, how I never knew I’d be taken advantage of like that. I tried to tell him how lowly I thought of myself now, and that I only had him by my side. I bawled that I’d have to die if he started to hate me now.

“No, no I can’t hate Kou-chan ever.” he hastily tried to console me. “It’s me, I was the one who did bad.”

“No, Yuu-nii saved me. Yuu-nii only did good.” I wiped my face with the back of my hand, shivering in the biting chill of the night.

“I killed him, Kou-chan. He’s dead. People who murder others will be taken to jail.” I didn’t understand how or where he’d gotten such imprudent information from. I hadn’t known anything about laws and jails by then. I was happy as long as I was able to play, but the way he was breaking apart convinced me that this ‘jail’ must be no pleasant place to be in.

“No!” I screamed. “No, Yuu-nii, Kou-chan doesn’t want to be without you. I won’t let you go!”

“It’s no use.” he wept even harder than before. “I will be taken to jail. No one will love me again.”

I didn’t understand why someone would take him to this place he called ‘jail’, when all he did was save me from the obscene nightmare.

Without hesitation, I moved forward and grabbed my twin brother’s damp cheeks between my tiny palms. I placed my forehead against his and kissed him on his lips. He froze immediately, with his eyes wide open in shock as he felt my lips against his own. After a few seconds, I broke away from him.

“Kou-chan...” he whispered in shock.

“I love you, Yuu-nii”, I cried, throwing my arms around him in a desperate hug. “Kou-chan will always love Yuu-nii.”

“Kou-chan will protect Yuu-nii...”


Seventeen year old Takashima Kouyou was unceremoniously shaken awake from his troubled slumber when his older twin brother Shiroyama Yuu dished a pail of freezing, cold water over his sleeping figure.

“What was that for, Yuu?” Poor Kouyou spluttered, soaking wet from head to foot. It was already a stormy, August day and the temperature outside was anything but warm. The freezing water made his teeth chatter, sinking through his night clothes and making them stick to his skin, as little goosebumps erupted throughout his entire body.

“For moaning in your sleep, stupid bastard,” his raven haired twin growled, “I couldn’t get a wink of sleep thanks to you.” he quipped snidely as he folded his arms over his broad chest and glared at him spitefully, clearly irritated and agitated with him.

Kouyou watched his twin cautiously, extremely troubled as tears started to gather around the corners of his aureate eyes, the droplets hanging there by pure will.

“Why, Yuu?” he breathed in a small voice. Emotions of pure hurt clenched at his heart painfully as he looked at his older twin’s face that was currently morphed into annoyance. During their childhood, Yuu would always hold him tight whenever that terrifying incident, that had occurred nine years ago, emerged in his nightmares. But now... “Why are you behaving so cruelly towards me? It never used to be like this before?”

“Why?” Yuu snorted, an amused smirk overtaking his face before it disappeared and he rolled his eyes, in a rage that he failed to suppress. “Why, you ask? It’s because I hate you. Do you hear me? I HATE YOU!” he screamed, those last three words piercing through Kouyou’s heart.

Kouyou could only stare in shock at the sudden outburst, as Yuu’s body visibly shook in obvious anger that he was unable to suppress. Before he could open his mouth again to ask more questions, the older twin had stormed out of the room they shared together in the Catholic Boarding School. Tears finally broke free from the blond’s eyes as he watched him leave; sorrow mingled with pain at his raven haired twin’s cold blooded behavior towards him.

The older brother who had once always been so sweet and protective of him, had turned into a ruthless delinquent who now hated him with an immense passion. What had he done to make his brother become so hostile towards him? No matter how many times he broached the question to Yuu, he only received a cold shoulder in reply. Every single time he was ignored. Wiping away the tears that were clouding his vision, Kouyou climbed off the wet bed, his sheets now soggy wet, in order to take a shower.

Storming down the bustling hallway with his hands shoved deep inside the pockets of his uniform pants, Shiroyama Yuu tried to prevent the stupid tears from falling as he blinked them away, feeling nothing but disgust with himself.

He heard Kouyou all right; he heard his little brother every time he had this nightmare.

“Kou-chan will always love Yuu-nii...” Were the words that were repeated like a broken record in his head.


[ profile] deadlyscarlet : Hello, dear Readers. I have always loved stories concerning incest no matter how morally wrong it is. So I was racking up my brains in order to think of a plot. Miraculously the plot materialized in my head during my morning walk with my father. So I hesitantly showed this plot to [ profile] veroxion. I always show my plots to her so that I don’t feel insecure. And she showered me with lots of compliments regarding it. But I didn’t want to write it immediately as I already have Lascivious Blood in my hands and also another story which I am currently writing. So I decided to start working on it after Lascivious Blood was complete. But then this time for a change I decided to show the plot to [ profile] xadowangel as she like Vero was one of the main reasons I became an author. The next day I get this hesitant mail from Xadow asking me if she could write along with me. Of course I jumped on her and immediately accepted her offer. I immediately informed Vero about Xadow officially becoming the co author of Dearest. Next day, I get a message from Vero offering to be the beta. You wouldn’t believe how happy I was. I was literally jumping and crying when my two most greatest inspirations decided to work along with me. So this fic officially belongs to Xadow, Vero and me. I hope you all will like Dearest as this will forever be one of my most favorite stories ^_^

Love you all,

[ profile] xadowangel : Talk about an obsessive writer slash aoiha shipper. Yeah, I know it is nothing near healthy but duh! I love writing so practically offering myself to dear [ profile] deadlyscarlet when she shared the storyline of this fic seemed like a good idea. And I think it’s gonna be a hellava ride with dear Scarlet-chan, ‘cause I love writing with her already!

It’s a new collab fic from us. I should have been patient and ignored the wild urge, but I wanted to write this so bad and Scarlet’s ideas are so amazing it would be a shame if I didn’t get the chance to write this thing. I think this is going to be one of my personal favorites ^^

So this is our story, the beginning of another journey I’ve taken in my hands, and this time I have this amazing amazing girl with me. And I’m sure you can guess how happy I was when I heard that the amazing [ profile] veroxion would beta this story for us! I could never be more happier!

Girls, thank you so much.

I just hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing this ^^




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