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Title: Lascivious Blood
Chapter: 4/?
Author:[ profile] deadlyscarlet
Beta: [ profile] fairy_melusina
Genre: AU/Romance/ Angst/ Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, Sex, Blood Fetish, Smut[in later chapters]
Pairings: Yuu/Kouyou for now
Bands: the GazettE for now maybe
Characters: Kouyou, Yuu, Takanori, Yutaka for now

Synopsis: For Takashima Kouyou who has been forced into studying something he doesn't want to, life is worth not living. 
As days pass he does everything to destroy himself until he meets Shiroyama Yuu. Will Yuu free Kouyou from his miserable life or will only put an end to it.

Well first thank you to my lovely, superb beta. If you find this chapter interesting then it is because of her as she gives me such lovely insight into the mind of vampires. ^_^
And Happy Birthday to you too [ profile] fairy_melusina (´ε` )
And next to [ profile] xadowangel and [ profile] veroxion 's Sanguine Love. You all really should read this awesome fanfic as it is one of the main inspirations for my Yuu's character. Thanks to both of you my lovely friends. I can't help leaving a kiss for both of you LOL ( ´* ε *`;; )

Previous: CHAPTER 3


My apartment door banged against the wall violently as I kicked it open. A dent formed on the wall due to the sheer force with which it had been attacked. I fumed viciously wanting to break everything within my reach. Memories of my brief encounter with the boy flashed back to my mind.

I had subdued myself from lunging at him at the very last minute and thrown him out of my cabin. I couldn’t comprehend why I had foolishly let the human walk away even though I had obsessed over his blood for so long. If there were witnesses, I would normally lure my prey through my sensual glamor which was an accessory for all of my kind. But him, I didn’t do that either, even though I saw the enthralled look in his face. I severely regretted my blunder now. The image of his hateful look as he slammed the door behind him antagonized me even more.

The phone in the living room rang severing through my thoughts. Cursing mankind’s greatest fucked up invention, I attended the damn call.


I raised the phone to smash it on the floor, but restraining myself I brought it back to my ear again.

“Kai”, I snarled “I am not in the fucking mood.”

“Stop with the snarling”, he answered calmly. “I felt your disturbance. Tell me what’s going on?”

“Fuck off, you son of a bitch” I raged. “Screw yourself, I never asked for your sympathy.”

“Aoi”, Kai warned with a wary voice. “If you don’t answer me right now I will strip you off your freedom and have you dragged back here. Do you want me to do that?”

I was infuriated to hear Kai finally using this ploy against me. Kai was the one who had originally changed me. The vampire who changes another into one of his kind is by law the master. The master normally chooses to enforce control over the slave and have him do his bidding.  But Kai being the nice guy he was treated me like a brother. He never forced me under subservience. Even though he wanted me near him, he valued my privacy and gave me a free reign to do whatever I desired.

“The blood, I found the vessel which carries it”, I sighed as I could see there was no possibility of winning over Kai for now.

“What?” he asked “How?”

“One of the students who had turned up for therapy reeked of the sample’s smell”, I continued. “His blood is more tempting than the one I had found that time.”

“Did you kill him?” Kai inquired.

“No”, I replied rolling my eyes.

“Why not?” Kai asked suspiciously. “You have been going around in search of that blood like an obsessed psychopath. Why did you let him get away?”

“There were too many witnesses”, I snapped. Anger was flaring back within me again. Kai was asking me too many questions for which the answers were unsure even to me.

“You could have lured him out to an uninhabited place”, he enunciated rationally.

“Just fucking shut up”, I bellowed finally losing my disposition. “I have enough brains to decide when I want to eat him up.”

“Can I join you, Aoi?” Kai impersonated an annoying nasal voice.

“I will rip your guts through your asshole, you bastard”, I roared in rage. The feral growl reverberated of the walls. “He is mine.”

“Oh-ho so you don’t want to share”, Kai chuckled. “Anyway kill the boy and quit your job. Also vacate that apartment of yours. I will have a new job and accommodation ready for you.”

“Fine”, I answered and disconnected the call.

I lay on the couch with my hands above my head and stared lazily at the ceiling. As my anger ebbed, thoughts of the boy returned. After he had stormed out of my cabin, I had asked all the remaining students to come for their session tomorrow. Feigning sickness, I took my leave for the day. Before leaving the campus, I had trespassed into the room where the student records were maintained. My sharp ears had picked up his name when one of his friends had called out to him, before he had lashed out. Logging into the database, my skilled fingers entered the query “KOUYOU”. His picture along with his name and contact details were displayed on the screen. Memorizing all the details with my photographic memory, I logged out and erased the search history. A terrible longing to see the boy again burned through my body. I picked up the car keys which I had thrown away on my enraged entry and locked the apartment door.

By the time my black Porsche reached the Takashima residence, it was two in the morning. On my way I had killed two men as I wanted to ensure that my blood thirst was under control. I parked the car a few blocks away from the house and walked all the way back. The enormous manor made it obvious the Takashimas rolled in money. According to Kouyou’s details which I had illegally accessed, his father was the chairman of TAKASHIMA MEDICAL FOUNDATION. With a few lithe jumps, I crossed the large gate with ease and landed on the well moved lawn. The house reeked off Kouyou’s luscious fragrance. As I walked towards the magnificent building, my nocturnal eyesight registered a tree illuminated by the pale moon light. The tree slightly grazed a window which was large enough to let my sleek body in. As I climbed up the tree, I made sure my movements didn’t let a sound to escape into the quiet air.

My luck seemed good. The object of my quest lay sprawled on the floor in a brightly lit room. I entered the room with enthusiasm and looked down at the sleeping figure. I quietly sat myself next to him and observed his sleeping face. A thin trail of drool was escaping his full, pink lips. I reached over and wiped it with the tip of my finger. His face was morphed in distress. Nightmare, I guessed. I tried my best to remain still as I didn’t want to cause him more trauma of waking up to find an intruder in his room.

His blood was kindling my blood lust again. Taking deep breaths through my mouth I looked around the small room. The room was filled with various canvases of beautiful paintings. They mostly comprised nature and animals. Kouyou’s name was signed elegantly at the corner of all the paintings. I couldn’t help smiling at the boy’s talent. As my eyes moved on to the last corner of the room, I stopped short. There seemed to be a mirage of me in the room. I realized it was another one of Kouyou’s paintings. There was no signature and the paint was still wet in the canvas. The boy seemed to have captured and reproduced my looks to the last line in perfection. I couldn’t resist a snigger when I saw the gentle smile on the portrait’s face when the real one was an abominable, blood thirsty monster.

I made a strong, resolute decision at that moment. For a century, I had stalked this planet in search of this delectable human. Killing him in one go would only be a waste of my infinite perquisition.  The idea of savoring him slowly and torturously until the day he breaks seemed very pleasing.

“You are mine my precious, Kouyou”, I cooed into his ear. “And I will make sure to enjoy you to the last drop of your lascivious blood.” I kissed his earlobe softly.

Tugging a strand of brown hair behind his ear, I got off the floor. Giving him one last look of pure desire, I jumped out of the window. As I melted into the darkness, Kouyou’s ear splitting scream cut through the silent night.

The first step to making Kouyou mine was getting closer to him in order to gain his trust. It would be perplexing as I had already succeeded in agitating him. But I wasn’t as patient as to wait for the opportunity to come walking my way. My malevolent brain started plotting various conspiracies for capturing innocent Kouyou. The next day I had to work overtime during the night as one of my patients had encountered a reject and was being terribly suicidal. He had been forced into a strait jacket and kept in solitary confinement. On my way to the patient’s room, I saw a figure walking up the fourth floor. My eyes recognized the man as Touno Yuuta of the Forensic Science Department. He handled the Forensic Science Lecture and the accompanying lab for Kouyou’s batch. A wicked smile slowly played in my face as I realized what I was going to do next.

With lightening speed, I overtook Touno to the destination where he was headed to.

“What the?” Touno gasped as he felt the wind emitted due to my blinding speed. Of course his eyes were too slow to register me.

There were four more steps left for him to climb before the lights in the entire department went out.

“Shit, stupid power”, he cussed.

He tried to find his way up the stairs blindly in the dark. As he reached the end of the staircase, I gave him a light push on his chest with my index finger which resulted in him losing his footing. Yelling helplessly out to the dark, he tumbled all the way down. When I turned the lights back on, Touno lay slumped at the bottom of the stairs unconscious.

The next day I was called to a meeting along with three other faculties by the Dean of the college.

“Touno sensei had an unfortunate accident in the campus”, the Dean said in a morbid voice as we settled down. “He fell down a flight of stairs.”

While I feigned a look of dejection, the rest of them gasped in shock.

“How did this happen?” Watanabe asked.

“He said someone pushed him down when the lights went off”, the Dean disclosed.

“What?” Fujimoto shouted in fear. “Sir, what if there is some killer on the loose? Maybe we should alert the authorities.”

“Calm down”, Dean stated composedly. “He said that when he was anaesthetized. But when he was more level headed he said he wasn’t sure if some one did push him.”

That put an end to the bringing-the-authorities suggestion.

“Touno sensei has a comminuted fracture”, the Dean added gravely. “The bone in his left leg has broken into three pieces. Luckily it is a closed fracture so he is in no danger.”

The Dean stopped talking and looked down. The rest of them looked forlorn hearing about their colleague’s tragedy.

“Well anyway”, he resumed talking. “Touno sensei has been advised compulsory bed rest for a month or two depending on his recovery. So I want one of you to substitute for him.”

“Um sir, I really can’t do that”, Watanabe spoke up first. “My schedule is tight and I have many patients under my care.”

“Same here, sir”, Kichida refused next. “I am already handling lectures and lab sessions for the third and fifth years.”

“I see” the Dean turned his eyes to the next lecturer. “What about you, Fujimoto sensei?”

“Ah, I am useless in this field sir”, Fujimoto said slightly abashed. “Forensic medicine wasn’t my major so I really can’t handle the lecture and the lab session.”

“I understand”, the Dean said. “What about you Shiroyama sensei?”

“I don’t mind, sir”, I smiled. “Forensic Medicine was one of my majors and my schedule is lax. So I guess I can substitute for Touno sensei during his absence.”

“Thank you”, the Dean returned the smile gratefully. “Thank you for your time gentlemen. Shiroyama sensei I want you substituting Touno sensei starting tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir”, I bowed deeply and exited the conference room along with my other three colleagues.

On the day of my first lecture in the place of Touno, I entered the class with excitement only to be disappointed. Kouyou was no where to be found among the students. Hiding my disconcertment I started the lecture for the day. As I droned on about methods for identifying death due to unnatural causes, one of the students kept throwing dirty looks at me. At the end of the class, I was confronted by the short, blond haired boy.

“Shiroyama sensei, what did you do my friend?” the boy asked me straight to the point.

“Your friend um…”

“Matsumoto Takanori”, the boy shot back in reply. “My friend Takashima Kouyou came to see you two days back.”

So the midget was Kouyou’s friend. Now that I think about it, I did hear the boy’s voice outside my cabin the day I met Kouyou.

“Many students come to see me”, I answered in a flat voice. “I don’t tend to always remember them.”

“Why you bas..”, he was about to cuss, but stopped himself immediately.

“I am sorry”, the boy said shakily. He seemed to be trying his best to regain control. “He came to see you because I asked him to. But after he came out of your cabin, he snapped at me and has been refusing to talk to me ever since then. He has confined himself in his room and won’t come out.”

“Matsumoto Kun”, I replied sternly. “I can’t disclose my sessions with the students. If you so badly want to know, I suggest you ask your friend whoever he is.”

The midget gave me a hateful glare. He lifted his fists to punch me, but thought better of it and walked away.

“Tsk, how troublesome”, I sighed. “Locked in his room, eh?”

A week passed but Kouyou still hadn’t turned up for college. Every night, I nestled myself in one of the trees outside Kouyou’s window and looked into his room. He mostly kept the room dark and remained buried deep in his bed covers. I often heard frequent poundings against his door. A man’s voice, which seemed to belong to Kouyou’s father, demanded him to open the door. Kouyou never budged an inch. He remained inside turning a deaf ear to his father’s protests.

Kouyou’s stubborn behavior enraged me. The boy seemed to have no intention of coming out of his fucking room. Driven into madness by the incontrollable lust and anger, I killed every night. I murdered mercilessly and the carnage never stopped at one. The blood of my victims never satisfied me as the predator in me desired something more delicious. I wanted Kouyou.

“Two more days”, I thought as I sunk my fangs into the third kill of the night. “Two more days and I am dragging you out of that room.”

But a day later, when I entered the hall I couldn’t help the smile that took over my features. Well seems like the strategy to haul him out of the room wasn’t required anymore. Kouyou’s delicious scent wafted towards my sensitive nostrils on my entry. The predator within me purred in joy. As I bathed myself in the sweet smell, a loud crash echoed across the room. I didn’t have to look up to know who it was. I seethed in rage as I heard Kouyou walk past me out of the room. My possession was defying me and I wasn’t very pleased. It took all of my will to prevent myself from following the insolent brat. Taking a deep breath I went about my schedule for the day, promising myself to teach my prey a lesson.

After my shift for the day ended, I went back to my apartment to dress up in the black attire I wore for hunting. I had to kill since I planned to see Kouyou again later tonight. I drove my Porsche into the dark slums of the city. Ever since I met him, I had been rampaging out of control killing mindlessly. So I felt compelled to maintain a low profile for at least a few days. A few hours of exploring led me to my prey for the night in some dingy alley. The drunken wretch dressed in rags, walked about flailing his hands in the air. The man was filthy, a rancid stench coming off him. I didn’t give a damn. Parking my car in the obscure darkness, I stalked him for some time. On reaching the last corner of the street, I lunged at him and engaged myself in a brutal battle . In his drunken state, he fought enthusiastically. But then he was no match to my inhuman strength. Our wild scuffle, had led us under the only street light present there. As I was preparing myself to dig my fangs in, my ears picked up a horrified scream which was stiffled immediately.

It was then that I could smell the delicious scent of my prized obsession. I slowly turned my auburn eyes to the source of the unforeseen distraction. Kouyou stood in the darkness with his hand pressed over his mouth. His eyes held immense fear as he took in the demon in front of him. The predator in me growled maliciously craving Kouyou rather than the rancid wretch in my clutches. Animal instinct was killing my decisions and reasons.

At that moment, I was forced to face the dilemma of who between the two was going to be my feast for the night. THE UNKEMPT WRETCH OR MOUTH WATERING KOUYOU.


And that is the end of Chapter 4. I know I am supposed to be studying for my exams and I did have a bad writer's block as I didn't know myself what was going to happen next. But an incident in college and my family's behavior left me so humiliated and depressed that my writer's block got lifted and the plot formed in my brain LOL. Maybe I need to have such depressing incidents happening to me often to get inspired *just kidding*. Anyway I really hope you guys like this. I really rushed it up a lot since I have to study and if I keep writing I won't have time. And don't kill me off for what I did to Yuu LOL. I don't know when I can do chapter 5 since I seriously need to study or I am gonna get screwed big time. (T_T)


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