Sep. 18th, 2012


Sep. 18th, 2012 01:22 pm
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Dear Readers,

                     Sorry to say this, but I'll be going on a hiatus for two to three months. I know I've been updating almost nothing. But the thing is I have the writer's block and also my dear grandfather passed away. So I've practically been writing almost nothing. I do love writing a lot and I plan to finish all the stories I've started. But I don't want my writing to hinder my studying 'cause when I started writing Lascivious Blood my exams were going on and I gave into desire and wrote like a maniac. And the result, I passed only nine papers. It was a lot but if I had studied more I bet I could have achieved more. 

                     So please forgive me, okay. I need to complete me degree. If I complete my degree then a) I can continue studying for JLPT and I might get an opportunity to do post graduation in Japan b) My father promised to buy me a laptop and the next GazettE release c) I'll get a good job and be happy d) I can write without hinderance and guilt

                      I hope you'll understand my plight. On the brighter side I'll try writing Lascvious Blood whenever I feel like taking a break okay. Of course I won't post but just writing that's all and once exams are over I'll update. As for Baby! Please Look at Me, Cast Two Shadows, Dearest and some of my unwritten fics, I'll resume them all once my exams are over as Scarlet can't live without writing :3 

                      See you all soon. I'll miss you and of course I LOVE YOU!!!

- Scarlet


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