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15|05|2013 could be easily said as one of the best days in my life.

Yesterday, I had a one-day interpretation work at Renault Nissan, Chennai. At first, I wasn't very happy about going. I was sick and the first time I'd worked with the Japanese, I'd gotten myself the impression that it was tough working with them. I wasn't very eager as I'm too whiny while sick. How wrong I was!

I was the interpreter for Hiroshi-san and Yamachata-san. Hirsohi-san was so sweet to me. He kept insisting throughout the entire morning that I stand next to the fan as it's too hot in there. But his niceness never stopped there. During the lunch, he took me all the way to the office and introduced me to a lady interpreter who works permanently in Nissan, and requested her kindly to take care of me and take me for lunch.

If you think his kindness stopped there, you're wrong as that was only the beginning. After lunch, he insisted that I remain in an air-conditioned room, rather than inside the factory as it was too hot in there. He took me to a room filled with Japanese workers and left me there, but not before requesting the Japanese people to take care of me. I was near tears seeing how nice he was being to me, like an uncle treating a favourite niece rather than an employee who's come to work for him. By the end of the day, he kindly bought me a can of 7UP and when it was time for me to go, I was supposed to take the company bus and commute to the entrance gate. But Hiroshi-san, generously offered me his personal cab and asked his driver to drop me at the entrance gate.

As for Yamachata-san, he was one heck of a great person himself. Since, he could see that I wasn't that fluent, he was nice enough to talk slowly for my sake. He even said that Indian women are really pretty. And I swear, he called me a bijin *blush* You're so sweet, Yamachata-san, really.

And last but not least were the group of Japanese in the cabin. Wow! They were awesome! They politely introduced themselves to me and Man! were they funny. They were joking with each other and didn't leave me out of their conversation. Our conversation ranged from where I live and where I was born to eating crab cakes in Asiana LOL. I had so much fun with them and wished I had another day of interpretation, just for the sake of talking to them all.

Before I left, Yoshikawa-san gave me an apple ^^ saying that a guy who was loving calling himself Ebi-chan, wouldn't eat it and so was giving it to me. Aw, how can you people be so nice!

Overall, my time at Renault Nissan is unforgettable. I hope to go there often, just to encounter these lovely people. I'm so lucky

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