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Title: The Answer
Chapter: 1/1
Beta: N/A
Genre: Romance/ Slight Angst
Rating: PG
Warnings: Very bad plot, No Beta, Mention of Death
Pairings: Aoi/Uruha or Uruha/Aoi (however you take it)
Band: the GazettE
Characters: Aoi, Uruha

Synopsis: Today is an important day of Aoi's life. Not only because it's his birthday but also the day that will make an important decision.


The clock on the bedside table emitted a loud click; an announcement that an hour had just completed. The raven-haired man that lay buried under the various layers of silken sheets and blankets made his own annoyed, deep throated grunt to accompany the digital timepiece.

Today was an important day of Aoi’s life. The day that he had first entered the outside world after being held captive within his mother’s womb for ten whole months. The day that he had always enjoyed as a little child whenever his parents held birthday parties in which he had been the little prince, the star of the evening and the rest of the guest his little admirers. The day where he had been given various wonderful gifts. A really important day of his life.

In high school, his birthdays had been different. No longer where they spent with family members and siblings, but instead with classmates where no form discipline was set in place. The raven remembered how one of his birthday dates had been amidst a school trip. His friends had already set a plan for him without his knowledge. He remembered how frightened he had been when he had found himself suddenly kidnapped; blindfolded and gagged by a group of masked brutes only to be brought to a karaoke. Of course he had grown mad but on getting over the initial shock of it, he had grown wild with all the partying.

When Aoi had entered the world of music, gotten into his first stable band, his birthdays were again never forgotten. The four of them, meaning Kai, Reita, Ruki and Uruha, along with some of the staff of PSC would never fail to get him a nice birthday cake and presents as well. He had always blown the candles with an expression of sheer joy - celebrating birthdays were indeed nice.

Today was Aoi’s birthday and the worst day of his life.

Birthdays were days where something nice was supposed to happen. A day where you are the star. A day where your friends give you something. A day that comes once in a year for you, for you alone to enjoy.

Not today. Today, Aoi’s birthday is a day where he’s the clown. A day where everything’s been taken away from him. A day that has ruined my life, he whispered softly to himself as a single tear leaked down his eyes.

Aoi remembered how he had woken up today, happy; no happy wasn’t a word enough to express how he had felt that moment. Today, his one true love was going to give him an answer. An answer that his life depended upon.

At that moment, Aoi’s memories had flown back to how he had struggled and battled so hard just to make that person aware of how he felt towards them. Ever since the day he had fallen in love, the raven had tried so hard, never giving up once, even though the other party had stubbed him, insulted him and humiliated him as well. But never had he stopped, not once.

Aoi knew that his love would be returned, for he had been true. His love was true, there was no doubt. And true love was meant to turn real. That being one of the reasons why he had struggled so hard to let them know of his feelings. The raven had done anything and everything possible. His friends and well-wishers had made it clear that he had been living in a dream. He would most definitely end up hurt. Aoi though, never paid heed nor did he accept defeat. He trusted.

Aoi had been right and his efforts had borne its fruit. In the end, after his constant persistence, his love had requested for a time of thirty days. On the thirty-first day, he would receive an answer.

Today was the thirty-first day and there had been no answer. No calls, no mails, no messages, not a single text.

Aoi had paced around his room in the morning, his cherry-red lips forged together in a beauteous, wide smile. But as time elapsed, the smile slowly started to fade and by evening, the raven’s face only registered a really grim expression. Every call to wish the GazettE’s guitarist had been left unanswered, the texts and tweets ignored. It hadn’t been on purpose, just that Aoi was more eager for an answer.

Five in the evening and still no answer.

Aoi knew that he was being nothing but a pest, unfortunately he couldn’t bear the suspense anymore. He required his answer or else madness would be the result. Then on, he tried calling but his call only went to the voice mail. Multiple texts were sent but none came in reply. He even checked if the other party was in MSN but the answer again - negative.

What did he do to deserve this? If this was meant to be revenge, then they indeed had done a really great job of it. Nothing had hurt him as much as what hurt him right now. It hurt all over. How? He couldn’t say, as nothing could ever compare to this pain.

His true love, nothing but a cruel joke.

Not being able to take it anymore, Aoi had crawled over to bed and buried himself under the numerous sheets. He knew he had to get over it. He didn’t know how? But there would be an answer. If true love was easy to find, then true love must be easy to erase. Isn’t so?

No sooner had the thought materialized in his mind, the raven’s obsidian orbs leaked rivulets of tears which only the sheets and walls witnessed.

The digital clock now displayed one-one-colon-five-zero. The semi-conscious raven who was more engrossed in blankly staring at the ivory-coloured wall didn’t notice the time nor the sound of the front door being opened. When the colon had blinked ten times, a startled sound escaped Aoi when he felt a pair of cold hands hug him from behind.

“What the...” he gasped in terror, panicking as to who could have broken into his apartment in the middle of the night. He remembered having the door locked or had he forgotten due to the immense grief that had clouded his emotions?


The raven immediately relaxed. This wasn’t an unknown stranger but a person he had known for more than ten years now. His sweet scent blended with fresh mint, the familiar rhythm of soft breathing and the deep baritone.

“Uruha.” Aoi whispered softly as his own hands rested on the blond’s, gently rubbing at them as they were frozen. It was winter after all.

“Why are you here? I-I thought it was all over...” the raven stuttered, tears again clouding his vision. He hated to admit it. He wanted to fight it. He didn’t want to accept defeat. But he knew, knew it was of no use...

“Sorry.” Uruha whispered, burying his cold face into the crook of Aoi’s warm neck. “I’ve been thinking ever since, then... I don’t know what to do... You know how much I loved her...” he admitted, his voice weak.

The minutes of silence that followed killed Aoi. He was knew it was over. The weakness in Uruha’s voice was enough to tell him so. He was aware of how much Uruha had loved his sister. The woman who had been an exact replica of himself, except that she was a woman, and held an advantage over him. Aoi remembered how he had watched the two in love, how much it had hurt. The raven nothing but the silent observer when it had been him who had fallen love at first.

Yumi had died two years ago in an accident. Her death had devastated Uruha. Aoi also had been in so much grief. Yumi may have stolen his love, yet she had been his sister. He did love her, even after she was no more. But seeing Uruha like that had devastated him as well and that day on, had tried his best to cure Uruha and bring him back to normal.

Everything had been going so well between them, until Aoi had ended up blabbering his feelings towards Uruha. The blond had refused to talk to him after that, accusing him of taking advantage of his sister’s death. But Aoi hadn’t stopped. He had never allowed the humiliation get over him and had pursued Uruha loyally and now it had come to the day of answer.

“I have an answer...”

Aoi wanted to shout and yell; beg Uruha to get out of his house before he broke down completely. He deserved that much kindness at least.

“I love you.”

A loud click sounded through the room, announcing the beginning of twelve.

A/N: Hi, dear readers. Been a long time since my last post right? Well anyway today is Aoi's birthday. I totally wasn't planning on writing anything. I have the writer's block once again and have been struggling to write anything productive. So after sulking for a while that I'm a very very bad fan who can't even do something for her bias, voila! an idea comes.

I know my idea's worth shit and is too cheesy and maybe really really stupid, but this all I could do in the short period of time. So please don't curse me for what I've written. I know it sucks. But this is what I could come up with for our beloved Aoi's birthday. So once again, AOI-SAN I LOVE YOU.

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