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        Well to all my readers, I need to confess something. I know you all want me to update my stories and I feel bad that I am going to disappoint you. I am going to update very slow from now on. I think people who have read Lascivious Blood would know that I am a Computer Engineering student. And I am the student of a world famous college. Studying there isn't simple, you need to study a lot. When I joined that college, I contracted a very severe depression. I cried every single day and I refused to study. I kept failing all my papers. When I completed my course, I had 45 papers to clear. Can you imagine the number? Passing subjects in my college isn't a very easy feat. You need to study 24/7, you will have to study two to three books and that too the size of a pillow. And most of the faculty are psychopaths who enjoy failing students. None of them were merciful to me either. In every semester out of the eight semesters, I managed to pass only two or maybe nothing out of the 10 subjects for the semester. So you can imagine what sort of a pathetic, disgraceful student I was. Every faculty hated me.

        But last year, during the October-December examination, I studied like a maniac. I slept for just two or three hours per day. For those three months I studied so hard. I just prayed that I could clear something, coz like I said it is impossible to pass in my college. But then my efforts paid and I passed 20 papers in a single attempt. Everyone who knew me were shocked. Even my faculty were dumbfounded. Twenty really wasn't an easy feat,more like a miracle, but I still managed it. But still I had 25 left to clear. So I had to take the May examination. But then due to various problems in my college, like revaluation results and two students committing suicide, the examination which was supposed to have a period of three months was made to fit in a month. I had to write one or two papers every single day. Like I mentioned, studying for my college exam really isn't an easy feat. I was exhausted again due to the lack of sleep. I was dying and my sleep has been destroyed. Even now, I wake up everyday at 1.00 am or 3.00 am. Internally, I knew I wouldn't clear anything.

        Today my results came and I cleared 9. Nine isn't a small number either, but still it isn't enough as I have 16 more. Everyone are congratulating me but I am not happy. Deep down, I know that if I had studied properly i would have cleared more. But no use crying over spilled milk. 

         Anyway, the thing is I am going to work hard from now on. Of course I am not going to give up on my writing as I love it and my readers are important to me. But then my future is important to me too. Fanfiction is not going to help me survive. It is a pleasure and it causes pleasure to my readers too but still that pleasure is not going to take care of me. So I just wanted to tell that my updates may become slow. But, hey if I study hard now then this Engineering bitch will be off my hands and I can write more right? So please forgive me if I am disappointing you but still I hope you will understand.

        And ofc my collab fics will be updated too. For now I have three collab fics. One is Dearest which I am writing with [ profile] xadowangel and two chapters of it have already been updated. The other one is Cast Two Shadows which I am writing with [ profile] veroxion . She has already updated about it in her archive but for now we haven't updated any details about it. The last one is with [ profile] venomousliberty and again for this the details as well as the name is a secret. I will be writing this with the three of them everyday though. So the updates for this three alone will be fast but my own fics will be slow. I am sorry but like I said my future is important.

        Thank you for putting up with me,


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